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Haha, yeah. Been reading up on that lately

I’d like to expound upon this a little further, coming from a different perspective than yours.
Indeed, it can represent something that is directly against basically everything I stand for. Recently, a prominent company has glorified this number and a lot of the darker things related with it. In that sense, yes, I find it very offensive (as it is directly glorifying the negative religious connotation).
However, understanding the original context of it also makes things clearer. In the Bible, the number 7 is often associated with holiness and perfection. When the Holy Spirit is mentioned along with the number 7, that confirms His deity and holiness. Hence, the number 666 is a way of the Apostle John stating that Satan will never be God, no matter how deceptive he is, for 6 can never be 7. So it’s more figurative language than anything.
In other words, numbers (like most other objects [such as money]) are amoral, void of deciding whether they are good or bad. That is left up to us as thinking, feeling human beings. So I’d say it depends heavily on context. As a Christian, I’d find it very contradictory to my beliefs if someone was trying to worship a being that I believe is against me. (Note that I didn’t say offended because I find it more sad than offensive.) As a joke and mini-shoutout to a really amazing person, I see nothing wrong with it.


Yeah of course, I totally understand and would never ever do something like that intentionally. Especially not to a friend


OMG your here on da fours wow I did not even know that I really love your art and pixel art too I’m -DJ.COCO- [he/him] but I changed it to bravo avocado :avocado: lol anyways I hope your having a great day @Brutus bye I guess?


Do you need premium to get a UI that shows Play and then takes you to the game? Hi im Jay, im new to the Hopscotch Forum. I go by jayxd on Hopscotch and i have 13 mushrooms <33


Hey @jayxd - Welcome to the forum! It’s nice to meet you (:

You actually don’t need premium to do this! You can create a play button (I usually use a rotated triangle), and add the code

When self is tapped 
    set invisibility to 100

Then in the code for the other game objects (that you want to appear after the play button is tapped), I add

When game starts
    set invisibility to 100
When playButton is tapped
    set invisibility to 0

Welcome to the forum, @jayxd!
I’m not responding the question, @SwimGirlStudios already did :)

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Thank you so much and for the warm welcome!


Welcome to the forum


@moderators can you please approve my post?
Link: Neural Net Ai in Hs?


Hey y’all! Just wanted to post something right quick.

Today being the day of silence, I know the forum is less active than normal. No one can force you to participate, but just keep in mind the guidelines I quoted above.

Don’t use today as a day to spam or randomly post in inactive topics, as that goes against the guidelines on any given day. Saying things like “oh, this place is empty” or “no one else is posting” is off-topic and unnecessary.

Lastly, remember to be respectful of the choices and beliefs of others. What may not seem like much to you can mean the world to someone else. There is nothing wrong with sharing your own opinions in a kind manner, but please have the wisdom and respect to know that it’s not always the time nor the place to do so.

Have a great rest of y’all’s day! Can’t wait to see things back to full activity tomorrow


Thanks for the reminder


Silence Speak’s Volumes.

I wasn’t on the forum the last time it happened, but I saw a lot of projects about this.

It’s because you need to remember that people like to believe in what they choose. Today might be important to some, and it might not be important to you at all!

Nevertheless, I ask for you to participate.
This event shows support for those who support what they believe.

Please be silent in honor of those who were treated differently because of what they supported. That’s not right. We need to stand strong with those who support the LGBT community. Even if you’re straight, understand those who have experienced hard times.

Maybe I should explain what LGBT is.
LGBT is a community, where people view each other differently, in simple, forum terms. They believe on who they should like. Being straight, means you don’t follow under any of the LGBT community… things.
Some people get treated differently because of what they follow.

For example, I wear glasses. Somebody might come up to me and tell me to help them on their homework, because apparently, I’m smart if I wear glasses. That’s completely incorrect.

The same applies to people who support the LGBT community.

People, treat them differently because their AFRAID about the LGBT community.

That’s incorrect. Just because you support a certain community, doesn’t change the fact that you’re human, awesome, and amazing.

What you can do, on such a day as today, is reduce the amount you post, to as close as to zero.
I know everyone can do this. That’s because, you CHOOSE what you post.

So, just because no one is posting today, please don’t post irrelevant messages, such as “the forum is really silent today” because that doesn’t contribute to the conversation.
If you’re going to be talking at all, keep it in-topic. Don’t bring it out of topic.

Just wanted to say that.
~ Albus Dumbledore

The wizarding world likes humans… regardless of what they follow.


That’s okay. Sometimes it’s difficult to know on the Internet.

Also, a lot of users list their preferred pronouns in their bios, so that’s always a good place to check.


Hello fellow forumers! I just wanted to bring up some things I’ve been seeing lately.

There’s been a lot of excess chatting and off-topicness the past few days. Remember, this is the Hopscotch Forum.
• If you see a conversation that’s veering towards other things, give a small reminder to stay on topic and try to find a way to talk about code-related topics.

• Don’t spam. Keep all conversations to actual, productive conversations.
• If a topic closes, please refrain from complaining about it or spamming upon its reopening. Also avoid using other topics to continue the off-topicness or whatever caused the closing.

It’s the responsibility of every one of us, not just the leaders and a few others, to keep this place neat and tidy.

Often, off-topicness presents the need to be reminded of the guidelines as well. Even if you’ve been here a long time, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. Keep in mind that there are younger users on here, and something that you might not think is “bad” could lead to sketchy conversations.

Additionally, remember to keep the number of images to a minimum and relatively code-related as they cost THT real money. Photo edits are considered art and need to be edited into a portfolio in the DHT.


That is true, good reminder


Good Reminder Sophia!


I want to add on to this

Spam.ming is not only annoying, It can get you suspended
I say this from experience.
Please keep the discussion code-related and neat and kind, not only for your sakes, but for the communities as well.

Always Always Always TBYP (Think Before You Post)
If your post seems rude please just don’t post it. Even if it’s your honest opinion, it might hurt others, and that is one thing we should always keep in mind not just here, but anywhere on the internet. I don’t want to bring the topic back up but this is serious. We all should do this- me included. I’ve been guilty of starting flame wars before, so this isn’t directed at the people themselves, this is a general reminder, even for myself.


Hey y’all! Several other users have given similar reminders lately, but I wanted to explain the issue a little more and post it in a place where it’s easier to find.

I know we don’t have general topics anymore, but the goal of this community is still the same—to be a safe, friendly place for talking about code. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of different forms of negativity. Hopefully, this post will help clear up some things that you may not have even realized were problems.

First off, if you see something sketchy happening on the app—whether it be a mean user, inappropriate content, or people who you feel are taking advantage of certain features—it’s best to not spread the negativity any further. Consider negativity to be a type of virus (something we’re all very familiar with). If you report the project or email THT and let them handle the situation, no one else is affected. However, if you link projects here, many more people know about the situation than would have known before.

Another closely related issue is making accusations against specific users. Whether or not the person has done something wrong or not, it’s best to contact THT via email or tell the leads through edit history in the Leaders Q&A topic. Calling someone out publicly can hurt their feelings, and you never know if you misunderstood the situation or accused the wrong person.

One of the most obvious forms of negative behavior is complaining. A bad day can leave you drained, and life is hard. However, that is no excuse to constantly complain about what you don’t have—whether it be things, popularity, or happiness. I know myself that sometimes you need to let out a little vent, and this is an amazingly supportive community. Remember to keep it within the guidelines—no inappropriate content, injuries, calling out other users, or personal information—and try to be the sun in someone’s day rather than sharing your rain cloud.

So what should you do if you see negativity? Well, if the situation warrants it, flag the post, and the leaders will handle the rest. An occasional friendly reminder to stay positive and on topic is also appreciated as long as it doesn’t contribute to any off-topicness. Beyond that, it’s best not to make a huge deal of it. Responding to negativity with more negativity only makes a situation spiral out of control. Think before you post, and always be respectful to others.

I hope y’all will at least take a moment to think about this and how it applies to you, not just others. We all have room for improvement, and we all need to keep this place as welcoming as possible.

TLDR: Don’t spread negativity. Keep complaints about petty things to a minimum and take serious ones straight to THT or the leaders.


I know what y’all are thinking. “Sophia’s doing another one of these? Shouldn’t she be working on school?” You’re right.

I’ve noticed a general pattern of off-topicness and guideline breaking lately, and I just wanted to give a few reminders. If you haven’t read the guidelines recently, I’d highly recommend it. We all need a refresher sometimes.

I don’t think the guidelines are in any particular order, but this is part of the very first guideline: be nice (defined by Google as “having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature”).

If someone doesn’t understand their code, feel free to help them, but remember that we’re all in different stages of our Hopscotch journey. A year ago, you may even have not known the things they’re asking about. Always be willing to help others with a generous heart.

If someone breaks the guidelines, give them a little of the same grace you’d wish to receive if you were in their situation. Of course, a friendly reminder is welcome, and if someone legitimately doesn’t understand, help point them in the right direction. However, having several people tell you the same thing becomes overwhelming and spammy and draws attention to the negativity. If something is serious, flag it and let the leaders handle it.

Lastly, just keep in mind that this forum is used by people of all different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. That being said, people might do things a little different than you would, but that’s okay! For instance, if someone’s grammar or spelling isn’t what you’re used to or find acceptable, please refrain from constantly correcting them as it can become spammy or come off as arrogant. If the meaning isn’t clear or if you’re just joking around with a friend, find a respectful way to ask for clarification or correct them. Grammar is important; making sure that everyone feels welcome and valued is even more important.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a good day/night/afternoon and took a few minutes of your life to think about how to be a kind person. It’s something you’re going to need in life beyond just this forum.


Hi @Jazz, Do you know how to have a item move toward another item? I do not have premium but am wondering for one of my projects. Thank you for helping.

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