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Yeah, I thought about that too, but I didn’t know where to put it so yeah


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Thanks for that reminder!
And as Louise Hay said: “Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”


Eh I use self-deprecation as a weird form of humor
I do have a source of unlimited confidence unless I’m really sad but I still never assume I’m really good at a skill so that I can actually make more progress in that field
Which is a similar use to this wierdo named Electogenius I found on the internet


Yeah, most of the 666 jokes are cuz of/for 6 and the OG username. Story behind that is actually a lot more wholesome than you’d expect tho. not really not anything to do with the more typical one.

The thing with 666 is that yes, it can be “eh” for some users because of the reIigious connotation, but if we’re getting technical in that sense, it’s a reIigion in and of itself that likely feels the same about its antithesis reIigion. There’s no difference then between it or anything else — they can all be equally perceived as offensive to some. That’s how it works with all controversial issues. So all reIigion, all politics, all social movements, quite literally everything in this day and age, considering that everything can perceived as offensive to someone.
You have to know when to distinguish between an actually legitimately offensive issues and the smaller things that can be made into something bigger than what they are.

In this context, it’s quite literally just a number being used like any other number. If you’re going beyond that, I’d say it’s a superstitious number, but that’s it. And even in that regard it is the exact same thing as 7 or 13, or whatever else. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, just perceptions based on personal experience but more importantly, context. And in every single context where it’s used, it is just a number.

Don’t get me wrong — I obviously strongly believe in respecting and accepting everyone and their beliefs, regardless of your own — but I think the thing with bringing anything not strictly Hopscotch related anywhere on a Hopscotch platform is that there’s going to be something somewhere that someone doesn’t like. While changes will be made for big issues, a huge part of life is learning to live, adapt, be flexible and just accept. If you can’t accept, then ignore as much as you can. If you can’t ignore, learn to accept and deal. It works that way with everything in my experience.
You will never be able to make everyone happy. That’s a lesson that we have all learnt or soon will learn. It’s also something that Jazz taught us at the very beginning of our Leader journeys. You can’t cut the restrictions so tight that there’s no breathing room, but you need to have them in place when something very important, like safety, is concerned. Trying to appease everyone just leads to an even bigger mess. You need to know when to act and fix a problem and sometimes just when to leave it be and let it breathe.

This is one of those cases. It’s fine, and I will stand by that statement. That’s all I’ll say, but I did have to say something.


I could contredict you but ill let the leaders handle it

The reason I’m mad is cause right after I said I had a problem with it you used it again


Yeah I don’t wanna turn this into a debate or argument, but I did have to say my bit

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t see your post. I’m sorry for the bad timing on my part regardless. Not the kind of person to purposefully do something like that n I’m sorry that I did, even tho it was completely accidental.


I believe you and understand

No need to apologize, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t intentional cause it did seem like it. That didn’t seem like you one bit


Haha, yeah. Been reading up on that lately

I’d like to expound upon this a little further, coming from a different perspective than yours.
Indeed, it can represent something that is directly against basically everything I stand for. Recently, a prominent company has glorified this number and a lot of the darker things related with it. In that sense, yes, I find it very offensive (as it is directly glorifying the negative religious connotation).
However, understanding the original context of it also makes things clearer. In the Bible, the number 7 is often associated with holiness and perfection. When the Holy Spirit is mentioned along with the number 7, that confirms His deity and holiness. Hence, the number 666 is a way of the Apostle John stating that Satan will never be God, no matter how deceptive he is, for 6 can never be 7. So it’s more figurative language than anything.
In other words, numbers (like most other objects [such as money]) are amoral, void of deciding whether they are good or bad. That is left up to us as thinking, feeling human beings. So I’d say it depends heavily on context. As a Christian, I’d find it very contradictory to my beliefs if someone was trying to worship a being that I believe is against me. (Note that I didn’t say offended because I find it more sad than offensive.) As a joke and mini-shoutout to a really amazing person, I see nothing wrong with it.


Yeah of course, I totally understand and would never ever do something like that intentionally. Especially not to a friend


OMG your here on da fours wow I did not even know that I really love your art and pixel art too I’m -DJ.COCO- [he/him] but I changed it to bravo avocado :avocado: lol anyways I hope your having a great day @Brutus bye I guess?


Do you need premium to get a UI that shows Play and then takes you to the game? Hi im Jay, im new to the Hopscotch Forum. I go by jayxd on Hopscotch and i have 13 mushrooms <33


Hey @jayxd - Welcome to the forum! It’s nice to meet you (:

You actually don’t need premium to do this! You can create a play button (I usually use a rotated triangle), and add the code

When self is tapped 
    set invisibility to 100

Then in the code for the other game objects (that you want to appear after the play button is tapped), I add

When game starts
    set invisibility to 100
When playButton is tapped
    set invisibility to 0

Welcome to the forum, @jayxd!
I’m not responding the question, @SwimGirlStudios already did :)

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Thank you so much and for the warm welcome!


Welcome to the forum


@moderators can you please approve my post?
Link: Neural Net Ai in Hs?


Hey y’all! Just wanted to post something right quick.

Today being the day of silence, I know the forum is less active than normal. No one can force you to participate, but just keep in mind the guidelines I quoted above.

Don’t use today as a day to spam or randomly post in inactive topics, as that goes against the guidelines on any given day. Saying things like “oh, this place is empty” or “no one else is posting” is off-topic and unnecessary.

Lastly, remember to be respectful of the choices and beliefs of others. What may not seem like much to you can mean the world to someone else. There is nothing wrong with sharing your own opinions in a kind manner, but please have the wisdom and respect to know that it’s not always the time nor the place to do so.

Have a great rest of y’all’s day! Can’t wait to see things back to full activity tomorrow


Thanks for the reminder


Silence Speak’s Volumes.

I wasn’t on the forum the last time it happened, but I saw a lot of projects about this.

It’s because you need to remember that people like to believe in what they choose. Today might be important to some, and it might not be important to you at all!

Nevertheless, I ask for you to participate.
This event shows support for those who support what they believe.

Please be silent in honor of those who were treated differently because of what they supported. That’s not right. We need to stand strong with those who support the LGBT community. Even if you’re straight, understand those who have experienced hard times.

Maybe I should explain what LGBT is.
LGBT is a community, where people view each other differently, in simple, forum terms. They believe on who they should like. Being straight, means you don’t follow under any of the LGBT community… things.
Some people get treated differently because of what they follow.

For example, I wear glasses. Somebody might come up to me and tell me to help them on their homework, because apparently, I’m smart if I wear glasses. That’s completely incorrect.

The same applies to people who support the LGBT community.

People, treat them differently because their AFRAID about the LGBT community.

That’s incorrect. Just because you support a certain community, doesn’t change the fact that you’re human, awesome, and amazing.

What you can do, on such a day as today, is reduce the amount you post, to as close as to zero.
I know everyone can do this. That’s because, you CHOOSE what you post.

So, just because no one is posting today, please don’t post irrelevant messages, such as “the forum is really silent today” because that doesn’t contribute to the conversation.
If you’re going to be talking at all, keep it in-topic. Don’t bring it out of topic.

Just wanted to say that.
~ Albus Dumbledore

The wizarding world likes humans… regardless of what they follow.