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Ok thank you

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Sorry for the drama last night @sophia @TheCMStudios @ALBUS @FRENCH_WAVE123 :sweat_smile:. I don’t think I should’ve said what I said. I feel bad because I don’t usually ever like to talk about people like that, it’s just not cool. It wasn’t a good thing to say, or even think.


It’s ok


[ TLDR: i’m sorry for when i blew up in this topic + please don’t feel like you have to forgive me ]
i know it’s been a short while since i uh,,, blew up on everyone in this topic, but i feel like i should apologize for going super angry gamer mode on y’all + talk about things that i felt was " justified " to be on the forum despite the rules in place saying otherwise.
while some things could explain how i ended up doing what i said + did, there’s frankly no excuse for it. i don’t want people to feel guilty with what they’ve had to put up with me, past or present, so please don’t feel bad for saying + doing things that could’ve easily been avoided if i had just listened the first time around + moved on.
i do not ask for forgiveness, as i feel that i am not worthy of something i did not earn.


no worries man, totally understand

I’ve been in similar positions both here and irl

that (not specifically the person who posted this) is NOT how you guys should act when a topic is closing. there was no visible effort to GBOT for the last 20 posts, maybe there was 1 or 2 on topic posts at most. I am deeply disappointed at this and wonder why it happens. the timer is a just a nudge saying to stay on topic, and by failing to recognize the nudge—or worse turning it into a closing party—destroys the purpose of it.

please, please make an effort to GBOT when a timer appears. some tips:

  • don’t go offline if you don’t have to while this doesn’t contribute to off topicness, it doesn’t help
  • don’t ask “what are you coding?” as it is a rather boring question. try to ask something maybe such as “what’s your favorite section of the hopscotch blocks (e…g movement)?” And follow it up with “why?”
  • instead of saying gbot, give a nudge—maybe relate what the off topic discussion is to something related to coding



Oo( I haven’t joined


I have a question. Is the beta editor at some point going to be accessible by regular users?


What is the beta editor

I believe the point is to test blocks, and as it’s a very useful yet not necessarily tool it will likely stay as a premium item forever

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no, it is a subscriber only feature
some features come out to the public after a bit but I think others (like scenes) are permanently just beta. though I could be wrong about that last bit


I know you will ignore this but

I disagree with that tone

Yes that is true, the post above it is rather scary to laugh at a topic closing

I agree with what you said but that’s tone kinda sus ngl

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I think the scenes are gonna be public once they actually work lol, their all broken rn, it takes a bunch of tinkering cuz the first like 20 frames are glitched xd

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So eventually you think maybe stuff like User variables and changing scenes will be a non-sub feature?


For sure. As of now their only beta because they are unstable


Umm I have no idea what happened, but I agree. Sorry grizz, blunt may it be.


Awesome! User variables would completely eliminate the need for save codes!



why is the tone suspicious? it’s just what I feel like looking back on the posts


How do you know I am Grizz if my name is GOATGAMES? Nice iG

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