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Should I tag Ana for this?


Ok, sounds good


Thankfully, it’s not DoS for me yet, so I can post this

This should probably just be made a note of, since I see this being brought up more than I’d like on my topics and in general. It is important that we all stay safe, and we should always get in a good habit of staying safe with our posts online.

And @Leaders, you have been doing a great job of taking these precautions and reminding us of good habits when posting online.

You can see that in one screenshot here (for demonstration purposes – tab titles were changed, the icons are different, and the amount of characters that are blocked off are different), many things could have been leaked, which isn’t good.

  1. If you had an inbox open, an email could have been leaked.
  2. Visiting a website? It could have a location nearby.
  3. See where it says “Incognito”? That could have been my name if I were not in private browsing mode.
  4. Bookmarks: Same thing as inbox – bookmarks by default save to the tab title, which may contain personal information or non forum-appropriate sites

(Code mirror is a JavaScript library that turns a text area into an input area that shows formatted code, in case anyone is curious)

By simply cropping out the top bar, all of that risk is gone.

It’s not because anyone is doing anything wrong, it’s just that being aware of this is always necessary and that’s why the leaders encourage us to get in a good habit of only showing the contents of what needs to be seen.


I’m new to the forum. What can we do here?


Welcome to the forum!
On the forum, some things you can do include getting help with code, reporting bugs you find with the Hopscotch app, collaborating with other Hopscotchers, and participating in contests!


Over the course of my 16 months on the forum, I’ve developed. Back when I first joined and was super immature, I had all these ambitions that I had no chance in achieving at the time. How I wanted to be a Leader at the time was desired, but me getting it was so far fetched. I wasn’t ready for it, but my ambition is that in the coming months and years I am. My goal was and still is to be my best self here, and I think I’m better maturity wise than when I joined (cue person reading this to think “well duh lol you were really immature”). I think for half of my time here I have failed this goal.

During these times of trouble and uncertainty, I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect deeply about my actions on the forum, most of them good, but some I regret thinking about. Sometimes lightly thinking about the things you regret can help shape you into a better person. What I mean by this isn’t too overthink and stress over mistakes, it’s to learn from them and pledge to never do them again. I realized all the tension and flames my past self has caused, and I hope that the good I have done can correct my past actions and set my mind straight. I realized my “abrasive” attitude (to quote some people) was my fault and doing. I realized that complaining without backing up the complaints was a waste of my time as well as others. I was making the Leads job harder than it should be, and possibly Ana’s. I realized getting mad at the forum was not worth it, even if I had a legitimate reason to be mad. I realized all of these things over the course of a few days, some with deep regret and thought, and some with intuition. I realized I was only hurting myself by bottling up these thoughts, and not letting go of my past self and actions.

I just had this stream of consciousness and wanted to put it out there. But, to quote the legendary Leader, Hopscotcher, and all around amazing friend @FearlessPhoenix, “What’s done is done. What you’re gonna do next is all that matters.” I think I’m a changed person. The future looks bright for this community, and hopefully me as well. Anyhow, if you’ve made it this far, I hope something stuck with you. If not, no worries. Stay safe out there y’all :))



Either way works. If you have something that should be brought to a larger scope, like saying “this was something done right” and you want to share it with more people, it could go here.

But if it’s something more direct like “thanks for always being there when I need it” that could go in MSS.



So, I know how we’re very supportive of each other, but a recent event is questioning. Someone had a bad day, others said I hop it gets better. A leader comes on and says I hope it gets better, but this is borderline ic so let’s try to shy away from it—which is fine. But in the same post, that leader said to “let us handle it” implying “let the leaders handle it” even though ic is ic and the rules, I thought, were universal to all trust levels. And then it gets portaled.

Yet us regulars are the ones separating the trust level gap.


I just got back on, and saw the portal

It may be IC, but again we really don’t know.

That’s what the rules say, and sometimes I feel like small exceptions are made

I feel like Regulars are taking too much of the “trust level gap” blame. As you just said, Leaders are doing it, Members are doing it, everybody is or has done something that has been unfair towards another trust level. It’s unfair towards us Regs to take the full blame for this, and the Leaders cannot hide behind that post saying it’s only Regs.

I mean this with all respect, but right now the blame is mostly if not all on Regulars.


The leaders do have the job of helping to moderate the forum, so maybe that’s what the leader meant by “let us handle it?”

How do we know the leaders/Ana don’t see a gap between the leads and other trust levels? How do we know they’re not trying to close the gap?


I think it’s the question of “We as Regulars feel like we are taking all the blame for the trust level gap.”

Maybe they are trying to close the gap. The problem is we don’t know


Do you think that lack of knowing adding to the gap?


Yes, it’s at least contributing to it


I already addressed this privately and I don’t think this is worth arguing about. Ana is very aware of this.


Ah, ok :wink:


My problem is I said “I thought the ic rules were universal?” And it was portaled


mAtH iS mAtH



mATH is mAtH


Did this get the leads in said suspended :grimacing:
If it did I never meant for that to happen, I’m extremely sorry if it did because it really isn’t too big of an issue