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Because in the past, people would get a lot of attention, drama, spam, etc for those posts, just to change their mind and return soon after


Oh that makes sense now and actually I think I remember seeing that before a while ago on the app. Thanks for responding!


@/Nobody has a great topic on this:


Yeah I’ve seen that before, I was just wondering because the OP seemed like they were talking about all “bumps” which was weird since they do it themselves and sometimes it’s fine to


Is it ok to tag @/codehelp in a debug my code topic? I’m almost positive I can but I don’t want to wrongly tag that many people


Of course you can!

Also this isn’t the leaders q and a lol


Ok just making sure lol


ok announcement has been made, now I can express myself about it.

I first need to strongly mention I am not mad at anybody, I am expressing myself about how the entire leader team, not specifically anymore, made a mistake that irritated me a lot. how “a lot”? if i’m not very mad i won’t waste my time writing this post with my super poor english.

four days ago, @TB23 got promoted to leader with the leader badge. no problemo, usually I don’t think anyone will go check the leader badge section, there’s absolutely no point doing that. so I have nothing against that.

and then, theatrical bombshell! a few hours later, tb also got added to leaders’ tag list! in real life, when you learn that one of your friends gets a super rare promotion, what would be your usual reaction? being jealous or happy for him/her/them. and I was happy for tb, so I congratulated him in the y-taco! a few other people then did too, if I remember well it was @Dragongirl1264 and @Friday. @FearlessPhoenix then went on board and deleted our congrats posts. I did not turn mad because I know fear will post something explaining to us that. BUT I did when I read this:

ok yes I surely understand the reason for keeping everything secret, but how on earth are we going to know we have to shut our mouth if you choose to point out to our face the fact that tb got promoted?? because I’m going to tell ya that the leaders’ tag list is very visited, mostly because someone needs a leader to be online, maybe for moderation, maybe for asking a question, etc etc. so don’t EVER expect that nobody’s going to see the red button among every blue one - if you want to keep the promotion secret, and if you don’t post anything similar to “you have eyes but don’t spoil stuff”, then don’t put tb in the tag list and boom classified case.

you could possibly reply something like “well tb is now a leader, we’re just waiting for @Friday to finish promoting him and then we can move on to the announcement…” then yea, what’s the point adding him to the tag list? tb can’t even do any moderation actions because he has to “keep everything secret”! and if it’s simply to allow him view the leaders’ special category, which i have no clue if it exists, well he won’t suffer during these 4 days without that special category.

like i said earlier, this post is not addressed to anyone specifically, this is to the entire leader team. @TB23, even if this post is around you and your promotion, no worries you didnt do anything wrong, i have nothing against you

and last but not least, do not like this post because it creates a feeling of upvoting/downvoting when people will reply to this post. thank you :)

Oops :sweat_smile:


if you’re replying to me, no this is not a question to the leaders


I’m not replying to you, if you click on the quote it was a reply to me


This makes sense. I will discuss it with the leaders. Thanks!


You can ask it in the leaders qna topic


Finally some accountability :pray:


I find that some edits made by leaders can come off as condescending, especially if I’m not trying to do anything wrong. It may be a misunderstanding but regardless it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be held accountable.

Saying “you know this” is as helpful as your local student council in high school but that’s just my 2 cents. Treating older users with this kind of expected knowledge is understandable, but a regular user doesn’t know everything, and mistakes are made. We as regulars should know the rules of the land but being ostracized by leaders for making small mistakes along the way is too far. I haven’t been here for some time and I don’t know what has or has not changed but I certainly do not appreciate being talked down upon.

But hey I don’t make the rules I just occasionally forget them :shushing_face:


I’m pretty sure this is the right topic for this and I’m sorry if it isn’t, but I’m a bit upset with this and I feel like after all of this confusion regarding little to no transparency, we were all finally getting somewhere and it was looking good but then I feel like we went backwards and now it’s back to deleting posts and telling me to just stay silent and listen.

If there’s confusion on the project and the rules, why would you put a slow mode on the topic? It will make it so no one could chat about what these new rules even are and the reason behind them (which I know was the purpose). Which brings me to the next topic of why can’t we have those discussions? We were getting pretty close to wrapping it up and stopping all of the confusion but now it’s all gone and we have to wait a week to post. I know a reason is probably so the topic doesn’t get clogged up, but we can just move the posts somewhere else that might fit them better. I’m not mad at anybody I’m just even more confused then I was 5 minutes ago.

I would recommend (obviously you don’t have to listen I’m not trying to sound like that btw) you maybe make a post throughly explaining each change and why and then let people ask questions? But I’m not trying to take full control of this or anything so don’t take it as that please.

Once again, I’m not mad at anyone and I just want answers.


As a game developer, it’s upsetting having your topic slow moded, I am sorry about your problem but it’s out of my hands.


I know your not in control, I’m talking to the leaders. /lh /nm


The reason why the topic Tapping Demons was being put on a slow mode is that there was some back-and-forth while people were getting confused.

We were contacting @Liquid via a PM about his claim that the leaders would be involved in his project in giving punishments to people (which we did not agree to), so we wanted to slow down the conversation before we sort out an agreement. We later deleted posts related to this so that other people don’t get confused.

Generally, we don’t step into people’s projects, even if some rules were confusing. However, because this topic seemed to have involved the leaders at some point, the topic was put on a slow mode to make sure that the project itself makes sense before people think that the leaders are also a part of the project.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have questions!


i don’t remember any claim with the leaders getting involved, until the leaders reached out to them
but maybe they were deleted first, i did have it on watching the whole time though