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Yeah ik what you mean :joy:


Is there a limit to how many variables you can use? I’m making a project that requires a ton and I don’t want to realize this late into development.


i don’t think you’d reach the limit (which i don’t know lol), but did you know you can use string?


Ok good, what are strings?


You can delete local variables once you delete all the instances where they were used in a certain scope of code.


Pls can u add a seed block to everyone!


Does anyone know how to tag a tag group?


yes, using This Topic
to make it, and then just @TagListNameHere


Just a regular @. Just don’t tag anyone else’s tag group without permission (but you can use official ones like leaders, p and omtl etc ofc)


Thanks guys!


But remember the leaders q and a topic is for general questions like this, this is questions about leadership itself


This is so greatly said! I love the way you worded it, @Dinocomix :))

A big must is remembering that, although so many of us (including myself) look up to Fearless, it’s not healthy to put them (or anyone else) on a pedestal. Because at the end of the day, we’re all human and all have our limits.

The reason the leads can juggle so many responsibilities at once is because they pour in a tonof effort. Keep in mind that leaders do their jobs on a purely volunteer basis, but they take time out of their busy lives to typically spend hours a day to judge competitions, moderate the community, start new initiatives, and build their own personal relationships.

Also, related to this situation but also something that can always be applied, never think you know what someone else is going through. The last few years have been rough on all of us, and there are both things we don’t share and things we can’t share here on the forum (reference the community guidelines if you need a refresher on what’s allowed and what’s not).

So if someone doesn’t respond immediately or in the way you were wanting, just give them the benefit of the doubt. In other words, just realize that they might be going through a rough day, week, month, or season. I know we all want to make sure our friends are okay, and that’s important, but like I said, some things can’t be discussed here. The best way to respond to someone who is going through a hard time (whether they say they are or not), is to be kind, understanding, and forgiving. When we are those 3 things, it helps to keep this community the amazing place it is.

All that said, in addition to asking other leaders for help, remember the welcome team is also made of experienced users who can usually point you in the right direction. Personally, my activity is returning to somewhat normal, so feel free to give me a tag!

To sum everything up:
• The leaders don’t enter this topic so I just wanted to reiterate this from a perspective from outside the leadership team.
• Be thankful for the leaders. Yes, express that gratitude through words, but also, show your thankfulness by respecting their requests.
• Remember we’re all here together in a lot of the same struggles so show the grace to others like you would want to receive if you were in their shoes.


Love this big post, totally agree.

Leaders are volunteers, keep in mind that they do have lives too

The leaders juggle so much (not actual juggling)
What would it feel like to be in a leaders shoes? Stressful? Possibly. They get emailed when someone tags them, they have personal lives and we need to respect that.


If a leader doesn’t reply, they may be busy or working on something else. Please don’t spam tag them, they have things to do.


The seed block is an experiment, that’s why a limited group of people have it. People abuse it and you can only use it with approval of The Hopscotch Team, a leader has talked about this before.


Who can view our IP Address? Can leaders?


Leaders can’t, but mods can.


Time to get a vpn


Just a note that all mods do have to sign non-disclosure agreements that don’t expire for a long time. Therefore, if I understand correctly, they’re legally not allowed to use the information they collect for any harmful purposes. The only reason they use your IP is to check for alts.

In other words, all the mods are personally trusted by THT, and if for some reason you don’t feel like your information is safe, contact Yuanyuan


that should be fine then :ok_hand:


iirc they arent even allowed to use it at all except checking for alts at the very start