General Leadership Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

Hey y’all! Just wanted to post something right quick.

Today being the day of silence, I know the forum is less active than normal. No one can force you to participate, but just keep in mind the guidelines I quoted above.

Don’t use today as a day to spam or randomly post in inactive topics, as that goes against the guidelines on any given day. Saying things like “oh, this place is empty” or “no one else is posting” is off-topic and unnecessary.

Lastly, remember to be respectful of the choices and beliefs of others. What may not seem like much to you can mean the world to someone else. There is nothing wrong with sharing your own opinions in a kind manner, but please have the wisdom and respect to know that it’s not always the time nor the place to do so.

Have a great rest of y’all’s day! Can’t wait to see things back to full activity tomorrow