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Haha, yeah. Been reading up on that lately

I’d like to expound upon this a little further, coming from a different perspective than yours.
Indeed, it can represent something that is directly against basically everything I stand for. Recently, a prominent company has glorified this number and a lot of the darker things related with it. In that sense, yes, I find it very offensive (as it is directly glorifying the negative religious connotation).
However, understanding the original context of it also makes things clearer. In the Bible, the number 7 is often associated with holiness and perfection. When the Holy Spirit is mentioned along with the number 7, that confirms His deity and holiness. Hence, the number 666 is a way of the Apostle John stating that Satan will never be God, no matter how deceptive he is, for 6 can never be 7. So it’s more figurative language than anything.
In other words, numbers (like most other objects [such as money]) are amoral, void of deciding whether they are good or bad. That is left up to us as thinking, feeling human beings. So I’d say it depends heavily on context. As a Christian, I’d find it very contradictory to my beliefs if someone was trying to worship a being that I believe is against me. (Note that I didn’t say offended because I find it more sad than offensive.) As a joke and mini-shoutout to a really amazing person, I see nothing wrong with it.