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i’m really wanting to start a coded story ( yet again tm ) but all of the universes i’m currently working on include the no-no species ( aka demons ), even thought i was looking through the old DHT topics ( i was trying to find my old art initially ) i found some art i did of demons + they yet to be taken down ??? i understand that the rules have changed since then, but wouldn’t the leads / mods have at least checked the old DHTs for stuff that’s no longer allowed and taken it down by now ?

but what’s the big deal with demons anyhow ? if religious-inspired characters / anything from every other religion except satanism like angels + stuff are allowed to be drawn, why can’t demons be drawn in the DHT or be allowed in stories as well ?

yes, i am a bit biased because i’m a satanist myself, but if other relgions like christianity ( ie. angels or characters that have halos and wings ) and whatnot be allowed, why not other characters from other religions be allowed as well ?
if anyone pulls the " but think of the children !!!1! " card just know that i was literally 13 when i started drawing demons + super intense gore, which although not universal to all 13yos, i don’t see why things like pentgrams, horns, wings + tails aren’t allowed all in one character but things like crosses, halos, wings + religious gowns are allowed at all.


when you say demon, there are many variations of it, some more gory than others (e.g. someone with just horns compared to someone who has red skin)

there are kids younger than 13 on here—I’ve seen some as young as 9 I think—so they may be disturbed by them

I think drawing angels is ok because they are more…positive? I for one think happy thoughts when I think of angels


some of these aren’t allowed because they’re religious - which generally isn’t allowed on the forum.

Like CCC (@/Nobody) said, some kinda would probably get bothered, or even scared by them as after all, this is supposed to be a place where pretty much kids of all ages can talk about coding? It’s not the gore level, just more like the concept of it in general. I know that this can limit what you post on the DHT, and i’m really super sorry about it, but it’s just something that younger kids may get freaked out by :||

I mean it also depends how you perceive them, i guess. If they come across in a story as quite family friendly (which probably isn’t the case since it literally goes against the whole thing), then I don’t really see why not? Basically imagine the reader was someone who was 5 or so, would they be scared by it kinda thing?

whenever I think of an angel, I think of them normally having these characteristics, just in general and not in a religious way. they also come across as happy, and generally very positive which is why they’re probably allowed


Im so happy it’s a my cake day!
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I guess it could be controversial if you mention any religious related things. Maybe a pared down version and nothing too gory would be okay, but I’m no leader so ask them if you want a better explanation.

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Just a real quick thing:

Let’s not make create more than 1 or 2 posts about a safety measure that’s taken on the forum, nor make a big deal of something like default apps being shown. If you need identify the importance of cropping, tag the person to a more general topic like this and quote the bottom of this post to keep it short.

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Also, one situation of this doesn’t need a big announcement here. If there were many situations of this happening consecutively in your topic, then an announcement would be more appropriate.


This is what happened – I see the screenshot thing happening all the time and I needed to reiterate.


But you didn’t need to tag specific people, even if you edited out the tags. Tagging Good-E’s would’ve been better.

The recent screenshot situation was the first one I’ve seen in quite some time, though I have seen multiple instances of it on your topic in the past.


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don’t tell them if you got tagged

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Hey man, I’m just offering some advice


it is ok, my sister is leaving too because she breaks too many rules :confused: well that is what she told me


Okay, this is something I’ve been seeing in a looooot of topics now, and even I do it sometimes. When someone makes a bug report, or suggestion topic, there are often times that someone has already made a topic like that. The next thing a lot of people say is sbyp. Look, saying that isn’t bad at all, actually, it’s great. It’s helpful for many new users. But when the whole topic has like 7 posts just saying sbyp, that can be really overwhelming for users, especially newer users. My request to everyone, is that when someone does make a similar topic to another, and you see someone has already said to search before you post, don’t continue to say that. And when you do say something like that, perhaps say something encouraging like “Nice idea! It’s really interesting. I think I’ve seen something like this, if a leader could merge them, I bet this would be a great addition to that topic!.” instead of “There are many topics already like this. Sbyp.” See what I mean? This isn’t directed towards anyone at all, because I see this a lot throughout the forum, but it’s the little things that can make the forum so much better!


Thank you for writing out such a long and thoughtful post to express your thoughts, even though you didn’t need to! I haven’t seen what you just said, but that does sound like a problem.


Super well written and I definitely agree

Posting a link to the topic is also helpful for the leads as they can easily merge the two topics. Saves them a lot of time n they’re all super busy. I can speak from experience when I say that everything the community does to lessen the lead workload (even just on that front in particular) is super appreciated.


definitely, and if you know there’s a topic on it, link it—because what’s a claim without proof?



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I believe that was a rhetorical question! :slight_smile:

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A reason to vote someone out on Among Us