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Great question. Eventually, yes. As time goes on and Leader schedules change or they age into other activities in their life outside the forum, there will be opportunities for others. If that is ever of interest to you, practice appropriate “forum decorum” now. Know the guidelines and be aware of ways to mitigate conflict.


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After a few days I have noticed a few things that I would like to express a concern about. I know they are all new and such, but a few suggestions might make this leader thing better. Not trying to tell you how to run this whole thing, but just a few things that I list here might make it better.

  1. I know that leaders can edit posts, but wouldn’t it be better if the leader could tell you that something in your post should be edited out and have you edit it. I mean, it is an invasion of your post which belongs to you. I just think that for little things they should just tell you, but obviously if it was something really bad they should edit it.
  2. This goes along with the first concern, if a leader edits a post do they really have to say “Post edited by leader”. I feel like it makes people think that “oh, they must have said something really bad,” or something along those terms. Idk just a thought
  3. The leaders seem a bit too much into certain topics (no need for anyone to bring up anything.) A lot of the topics are being more controlled when they were running just fine without any assistance. Sure, there are a few ups and downs, but in the end it ends up being ok. Maybe give some topics a bit more freedom
  4. Why are there random topics being closed? Like sometimes I see in the lounge these old topics from years ago that no one is going to enter and post in. To me it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s really just a revival in a way. You can’t post in them, but just seeing these topics in the lounge kinda makes me mad.
  5. This is something that I am really worried will backfire. So, I have noticed that in certain topics there will be a saying that goes along the lines of “the leaders and I are discussing how to handle the situation.” I feel like the people who are involved should also have a say in the matter. For example, (again, I am not trying to start this whole thing up again) with the whole DT matter, someone said that the leaders were discussing how to make the DT better and where it should be put. They mentioned nothing of the people who create it who should be the first to be included. They did say that those people would be the first to know, but shouldn’t they be able to decide what happens to the topic? Again, not trying to blame anyone about what happened there or rejuvenate that whole shenanigan.

In conclusion, maybe if some of these matter were discussed it could make the leadership better.
Lol, this is so long and took me forever to write. Sorry if there are grammatical errors. I also have no intention to expose or provoke any leader if any of these things pertain to you.


Well written!
Especially on #2, I don’t think the leader has to necessarily say that…


Thank you, it took me like 10 minutes



Hey, thanks for acknowledging how new having a Leadership Team is for the forum. I appreciate the time you took to think through your points and express them.

As one of the adults guiding your peer leaders in their responsibilities, I’d like to answer your questions to the best that I am able and allowed to share. I work with young adults every day of the week and I take your questions very seriously, so you can expect that my answers will be given just as seriously.

Some points of my own that I would like to present before I answer yours…and I hope these will help set the context for my answers. First of all, the forum is owned by Hopscotch, otherwise commonly referred to as THT (The Hopscotch Team). As such, they are the ones who establish the guidelines for use as well as the guidelines that your leaders have been instructed to follow. Secondly, while your Leads are new to the greater responsibilities placed on them within the forum, none of them are new to the forum in any way. Between the eight leaders, they have been here for an average of three years each. This has given them sufficient experience to know and follow the guidelines, to understand the expectations of THT regarding the use of the forum, and to connect with the general user experience. Your Leadership team is comprised fairly evenly of coders as well as artists and share a unique diversity of backgrounds and talents that the owners of the forum recognize as an asset both to THT and to the community users.


Now, with that framework, here are my answers to your questions:

1/ When a Leader sees a post with unacceptable content, they have essentially two choices, edit the post or flag it for removal. Not one member of your Leadership team wants to see anyone suspended if possible and since flagged posts contributes to the possibility of suspension, many of them have chosen to simply edit the posts instead. If the content of that post is in violation of the forum guideline, it isn’t a violation of your post to scrub that content. However, I completely understand your fears that a post might be edited to reflect something you didn’t say, so I will give you something to fall back on: First, I’ve moved this post of yours to this reporting topic. Use it to report leader behavior about which you are concerned. I’ve asked your peer leads to stay off of this topic out of respect for users who may have such concerns, however, you are also welcome to contact THT directly at Second, if we receive a report of concerning leader behavior, THT is able to see all activity of all users, including the leads. Truth will win out.

To address your question about asking the post to be edited…that is dependent on several factors and I have seen our Leads do that on occasion. The only time that is really feasible is if they see the post immediately after it’s written and know the user is still on. Otherwise, they have to either wait around in that topic or take notes to check on the post later until the user gets their message. So, they’ve been instructed to deal with it as soon as they come across it. We adults want your Leads to remember that they are still part of the community. We want them to enjoy their forum friendships and spend time hanging out just like everyone else. The only difference between them and you is that they have a few added responsibilities to clean things up. You can certainly help them do this by making sure your posts are clean to begin with.

2/There is a reason why we’ve been labeling the post as “Edited by Leader”. It is out of respect for the fears that someone may edit the post to misrepresent you. while I do understand that some will feel embarrassed by it, the phrase is also an alert that you were not the last person in that post. In other words, the other users will not know if the remaining words left in the post really belonged to you, so the phrase lets others know that someone else had their fingers in that post and not everything in it may reflect what you actually said. Yes, there are two ways to view this, but if each user is willing to abide by the guidelines, there will be no need to edit any posts anyway and this ceases to be a concern.

3/Honestly, I’m not sure that this will ever satisfy anyone. There are just too many variables which contribute to this. Within the Leadership team, we have coders and artists, we have high school and college students, all represented in six different time zones. Not only does this mean diversified interests, it also means erratic schedules and monitoring. Furthermore, “running fine” is at the discretion of the owners of the forum, not the community members. THT owns the vision that drives the guidelines and use of the forum. When a user voluntarily signs up to join the forum, they accept that vision and agree to abide by it. You are right, though, in saying that there will be ups and downs. Thank you for your patience during this adjustment period.

4/There are many reasons for closing a topic. Sometimes it is because the issue is no longer relevant, sometimes it is because it contained inappropriate content, and sometimes it is because a user/owner requested it. Since all of our Leads are veterans here on the forum, I trust their judgment in this area. I believe there is a way to keep them from being “revived” though, so I will take that back to the team. Thanks!

5/Whew. This one is probably the most difficult to answer. But I think the only way to answer fairly is to point out that THT owns the forum and therefore the right to manage any and all of it as they deem appropriate to ensure their vision is carried out. One of our leaders was around way back in 2015 when the forum was in its infancy. Back then, all topics were Hopscotch coding related. Period. As the forum evolved, THT gradually allowed exceptions. General Topics were allowed as spaces where users could talk about almost anything they want (within the boundaries of the guidelines) and a few Special Interest topics were allowed under certain restrictions. But all of those are still under the direction of THT. I wish I could say more on this, but as has been pointed out before, it is currently under discussion…and not just by the Leaders. You can be confident, however, that since your Leaders have representative members from the topic(s) in question, the final outcome will have been made with the attempt to best bridge both THT and the community’s interests.

Haha…no worries about grammatical errors. I’m certain that I’ve made a few as well! I do want to thank you again for taking your time to write and express your thoughts.


I thought the forum said that it was “never shown to the public”

(Can you see our location too?)


I’ve posted this elsewhere today, but am happy to share it here.
I hope this helps to clarify? I’ve included the link for your full reference.

  • “The conversations we have here set the tone for everyone. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this forum an interesting place to be — and avoiding those that do not.”

  • "These are not concrete terms with precise definitions — avoid even the appearance of any of these things. If you’re unsure, ask yourself how you would feel if your post was featured on the front page of the New York Times.

  • This is a public forum, and search engines index these discussions. Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends."

I think the key thing to note here is the ability for discussions to be searched and located by search engines. This is one more argument for why it is so critical for community members to withhold personal information and potential means of contact.

(@UTheDevHS, only admins can see full user details, including locations, IP, account histories, flags, uploads, etc. For your privacy, no TL4 has access to that information.)


That clears up a lot of my questions and concerns! Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to write this!


i really personally think that with the demographic and overall age of kids that go into this forum, that this place is not and constantly push people outside of children off of it. there are so many restrictions that comes with allowing 10 year olds into this place and i think its fair, considering thats what hopscotch was made for. and believe me i used to think this place could hold people of all types of backgrounds.

it was only recently that i’ve reliazed that thats not very correct at all.

there is no sense of freedom, seriously. whereas in other forums you can get away with a lot more stuff such as images slightly more explicit, suearing, pms, and sharing contacts, here the priority on the safety of children make it impossible for anyone slightly above that age to go about their online experience smoothly.

and its not like i dont know how hard it might be to leave this place either,i personally couldnt leave this place before due to how attached ive been here, but take that away and its clear this place is made to protect the children so much. and with that in mind, what should the rest do about it?

leaving, of course, because truly this is just a place for coding, because the restrictions put into this place make it impossible for a person of a reasonable mind to have a normal conversation, after all this place is just a coding forum for kids.

so for the sake of everyone, wouldnt it be better if this place had some system to make older kids move on to better platforms once they’re too old from this place? im sure ana and the rest would be happier if they didnt have to observe this place overall, or if not a way to be able to see the friends people get attached to here?

if theres one thing though that i know kinda get, is that childrens forum is not the same as a forum for everyone.

ps: i sent an email to tht a very long time ago now and they have yet to respond, i have no clue if they ever are, so i dont mind if you block me again, delete this comment, do whatever, but at least with this i can leave this place with a clean mind.


No prob. As I said, I’m around teens everyday. I know you have serious questions. I respect that and I will do my best to answer accordingly so long as I am able! :sunglasses:


in short i am saying that there is no place where both teens and children can coexist without one being uncomfortable with the other due to lack or added restriction, and something should be done about this dilemma especially since the leader thing has been added and more and more people have been kicked for doing things that would have been fine had they not been in this specific forum bc of my previous statement


and that it kinda hurts when you have to leave this place and leave every person behind, with few chances of seeing them again, bc once again, the community guidelines.

im not trying to start any argument oof, sorry if it seems like i am, i was just speaking my final words since ana is most likely to see this at one point then rip me lolazo.


Age differences are meaningless when people choose to work together within the boundaries of the community they chose to join. There are many younger teens that are very greatful that the veterans as willing to help just as there are many older teens who enjoy tutoring a younger teen.

I understand your sentiments and can only say that joining this forum and staying here is a choice. Clearly, there are older teens who are still around. There are also a few adults who are members to help out with coding. The only understanding is that all members abide by the guidelines to which they agreed, regardless of age…guidelines already long established by the company who owns this forum.



@anon30599060 No offense taken! Seriously. :sunglasses:


true but lolazo, this place offers worse experiences for older people going under the guidelines, and that the choice to leave is a lot harder to make than one would think and a bunch of other stuff which why i was requesting some way to fix that, but in the end tht does have the final word in the end.

and its still pretty sad that im not gonna be seeing anyone on here again most likely oof