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Why do so many more people want to judge [community] competitions rather than actually code for them? That kinda upsets me a little bit.


True dat

Then there’s no projects to judge and the competition flops


That’s how my competition failed lol


I think the last comp I created that actually finished was March Madness and that ending was anticlimactic because everyone forgot including me lol.


I guess. Never saw a link removed for that purpose though


True, and is hasn’t been disallowed by the guidelines

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Yeah, but comments can be inappropriate


That was the question and no response was given


That doesn’t make sense. Good point Nobody. Like, I don’t get why leads can talk with other users in old posts but nonleads can’t talk with other nonleads in old posts (I mean, nonleads can’t edit others’ posts anyways, but if they were wikis, I think it still wouldn’t be allowed), even if a lead is tagged to that post. It makes me feel like nonleads aren’t trusted by leads, at least as much as leads trust themselves.


It does not make a bit of sense

No response was given to Nobody, but I got one (first confusing, then I kinda understood, but the forum is hard to understand so idk lol)


Nobody made a good point


Y’all should learn from the leaders, the retuning use checks in and gets “I’m sorry” and a negative response.

The leader here did a great job with the response here.

(Not trying to point fingers, just using it as an example)

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I like that the leader linked the guidelines and recommended some topics. I think it would make a new or returning user feel less confused.


Yeah, it kinda embodies what we as users want Leads to do, and also provides help to new and returning users who need a refresh of the guidelines



i’d like to express my recent concern over the coronavirus procedure that has been instilled towards us by the leaders and staff of the forum. as many of you well know, the coronavirus (covid-19) is a widespread virus that began in december of 2019 and has since been called a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

due to the coronavurus being unlike anything the world has seen in the lifetime of those living on it now, it is natural and necessary that citizens are scared and unsure about the coronavirus and how fast it’s been spreading as of recently.

i think that the unnecessary banishment of coronavirus related topics has gone way too far, especially since the hopscotch forum is widely made up of minors under eighteen who i believe have a right to be afraid about the coronavirus and should be able to discuss it here as a civilized and safe conversation. the most recent thing the forum is making a huge deal over is why we shouldn’t talk about if our school, workplace, city, etc., has gone under quarantine procedure and has been closed for the safety of U.S, Canada, Mexico, etc., citizens.

Because most forum members live in the United States, I’m going to use it as an example in this post. DISCLAIMER- if you live in a country that has closed only a couple of schools, i understand why that should not be shared and how that could possibly damage you or others in your area. But because I’m using the U.S, here’s the thing that irks me about this “rule”:

roughly thirty million people are currently off of school in the united states. about half. it is absolutely RIDICULOUS in my eyes that it’s considered personal information to state that your school has been closed due to the coronavirus. 1/30,000,000 is NOT an endangerment to your personal security, and it’s the exact same way around if your school hasn’t closed (yet).

the coronavirus is not personal information. it is a dangerous virus that deserves to be talked about and not hidden away like most things here. just another dystopian ideal, in my eyes.

have a nice night, everyone, and thanks for reading.


thanks for backing me up a while ago.


if saying you live in vatican city isn’t PI, saying that you’re one of the one children out of thirty million who’s school has shut down shouldn’t be, either.


Thanks for posting this

Feel like none of this gets seen though


it doesn’t lol
felt like making an upset post tho


I agree.
It makes sense why we shouldn’t talk about specifics such as what a closed school is doing to continue education, how long a school is closed for, if we’re quarantined, or the controversial topic of politics and the virus. But saying you’re off of school when 30 million other American kids are definitely doesn’t seem like that big a threat. It’s like saying you’re an American with blue eyes — about 50 million other Americans have blue eyes, if about 1 in 6 Americans have blue eyes.