General Leadership Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

Hey there,
You have some interesting points here. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. No talking about lockdowns
    This place is for coding and coding only. Discussing unfortunate incidents or arguments just breeds negativity and obstructs coding conversations.
  2. Why don’t the leaders try to talk to the person doing the tagging/inappropriate conversation?
    How do you know that we are not talking to the users? Before doing anything, we send everyone a message asking to clarify things. However, in some instances, while we are waiting for a reply, we put people on hold, preventing them from causing any more disturbance.
  3. Not talking about leaving.
    Because in most cases, it’s attention-seeking driven. The majority of users come back in the next few days or weeks to ‘check out.’ Do you agree or not? And if you not, we can test. We’ll allow people to say that they are leaving on a specially designated topic. But, we’ll close accounts of those who want to leave for 6 months to avoid false “leaving the forum.”