General Leadership Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

i agree with ckor

more clarification on what’s considered a loophole in the dt would be nice


hm, who is changing the rules then. Now I’m confused.


Essentially clarification for updated rules

(took me a bit to respond lol)


Sorry, weird hyperbole

When rules get changed (by whoever changes them) some users don’t find out, and break them unintentionally. They might get backlash for it, but they didn’t know/didn’t find out because it wasn’t clarified or understood properly.


Lol that’s what I said

Tbh I’m kinda done “complaining” about it, or even talking about it. I can just save the time by leaving or hiatus-ing, or doing something more productive.


(assuming I should post suggestions to the DHT here as well)

Purpose of the DHT

We all know about the DHT (Drawing with Hopscotch Topic), I hope. What’s the purpose of that? It’s to tie art and coding together. Designs for characters, sprites, and other graphics. Each artist has a profile of the art in which they create.


Now, where in the mix of relating art and coding did a super strict set of guidelines come into play? Why such a strict rule for portfolios? I just don’t get it. Lots of things I hear about that topic are the complaints about the guidelines, even though most if it works well.


Frankly, I really like this idea. Each artist or designer gets to compile all of their artworks into one place that is really easy to find. It’s much neater than floating art that is harder to keep track of. I fully support this idea with the drawing topic.

However, the only place where you can find the updated rule of having to number you image slots is in a post by a leader on the DHT somewhere. I don’t know where, but it’s somewhere. Rules like these should be added to post 1 for easy access for newcomers.

Ok, editing images, really??

This is what makes no sense at all in the drawing topic. I know that the community should follow them, as they abide to do that when signing up for the forum, but the system itself in no way reflects the purpose of the drawing topic.


Actually, there is a slight point to the image editing. PI, IC, etc. should be edited out, but totally different than the way it’s currently done. The policy itself is not very kid-friendly, if that makes any sense.

Basically, it makes sense to all of the leads, but think about the younger audience. “edited out because I couldn’t post floating art” doesn’t make any sense, for example. It doesn’t take that much more effort to locate/create a portfolio for the user than it does to edit an image and tell the user that it’s a loophole of the DHT. That’s especially annoying to those who never used the DHT. Instead of editing out an image, why don’t the leaders add it to the portfolio for them and nicely guide them into the DHT, then replace the existing image with a link to the portfolio (and tag the user that they edited to reduce confusion). That would make things so much easier on the receiving end, as the guidelines are so heavy on the average user.

Another thing, forum watermarks. Remember, the purpose of the DHT is as follows

Once again, what does this have to do with watermarks? It’s the art that matters, I could care less about adding a watermark.

Issue #1

redirect to post to avoid quote notification
redirect to post to avoid quote notification
post 1:

Shouldn’t require much explaining. Leads bending the rules, here is a direct example.

Issue #2

Once again, the purpose is about the correlation between art and programming, not confusing the user with 40 guidelines on the DHT. If an image includes IC of any kind, remove it. If it includes a bad watermark, just use iOS’s markup or an online photo editor tool and blackout the watermark. Then, tag them to the post. (whole page = blur picture & tag). If you do this, the image can stay (yay user) and the bad content is removed.

Why are we so hard on the user to follow everything we do with the DHT? Is it not ok to have a tiny bit more work for the leads to make the experience a LOT better for the user?

Swapping Pictures

Just why? Why can we not update a style until the next month? If we don’t like a drawing, essentially we cannot remove it and put in an improved version of it. I don’t understand how it acts as a bypass for the 10 image limit, as you’re never surpassing that by removing an image.

Not much words, I just ask for clarification or a re on that.

The community in general

this topic: the general questions, concerns, compliments topic

CONTROVERSIAL THOUGHT: it shouldn’t need to exist if the guidelines and leaders are fair, understandable, and easy to follow. Just think about that for a moment.

red = complaints seen on this topic
blue = questions seen on this topic
green = compliments seen here

That’s what it feels like. There are just so many complaints to the guidelines. We just need to rebuild the whole thing all over again. It just doesn’t work. You can pretend that it does, but do you see what the community was before this and what it is now? It’s not all from the removal of GTs or anything else that was done directly to relate more to Hopscotch.

At this point, it’s now the community’s job to keep a check on the guidelines. We’re the ones constantly having to do all of the work to point out something that’s unfair. I really chose the worst time to get devotee and that’s as simple as it is. It wasn’t easy having to visit a year straight once this happened. I’m tired of complaining, and many others probably are too.

I feel like our community, the Hopscotch Forum, is a dystopian society
and please don’t tell me that a pdf on some info is COF because you can modify the URL yourself to find some website. No links are on the PDF and the website doesn’t have a forum. But if it must be edited, please at least keep the text there.

Argue with me, try and convince me otherwise, reply with what’s wrong with this post, whatever. I’m not gonna be of any controversy anymore. I’m probably not going to reply to any responses or react to anything that happens to this post or its replies. What happens only shows how you guys react. I shouldn’t have to make these super long posts to reflect on the community with an honest answer, and I won’t anymore. I don’t want to be part of the community in its current state, and that’s not to say I am leaving. It’s just saying that I don’t like how it’s currently run. With that, I hope this gets a reform soon.

↓ Watch something happen here somehow, if so, that perfectly justifies my point ↓


:left_speech_bubble: A beautiful thing is never perfect.


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Yeah. Most of the replies here have been either negative, or complaints. Should THT take note? If most of us are complaining, why hasn’t anything minor changed? It doesn’t need to be a drastic change in one day. A few little changes every once in a while would be nice. I know there is a lot of BTS stuff, but at least give updates on what is going on.

You can ignore complaints, but they don’t just disappear. If a majority of the posts on this topic are negative, there should be something done, regardless of if it’s brutally honest.

Yes. We all are. This is my argument as well. We will stop complaining once something has been done.

Lol true.

This perfectly sums up my thoughts. To the word. I couldn’t have said it better even if I tried.

If enough of us don’t like how the community is run, then there should be something done. Whether it’s small, or large, it has to be something


thanks @discobot, what a nice quote. but who was it by?


Egyptian proverb


Agreed with 3k percent


Whew that was a long addition


I’ve complimented here. I don’t know the point of the questions though because leads can’t answer them anyways.


I meant what the topic feels like, but I know people have had questions and compliments.


please don’t get me wrong here, but i’m kind of freaked out by how many properties of a dystopian society the forum is currently following. :grimacing:


Kinda why I linked that, but yeah, that might help some of us understand my rationale and why others act the way they do.



i had never really thought of it that way, but now that i’m thinking about it

i know it’s just not good to be thought of as resembling a dystopian society though, that kind of stiff, too good to be true thing isn’t idealistic to me at all

think i might make a longer thing later


It’s the giver all over again


Hi :slight_smile:

before you read this post, please take this little message to heart. this isn’t a personal jab at ANYONE. this is just my opinion. it’s not meant to hurt feelings or offend anyone, it’s just something i’ve been thinking about. i hope y’all know that i would never purposely hurt anybody.

anyways, now that i hope you understand what i’m trying to get at here, let’s begin. what i’m saying in this post is that, after reading @Awesome_E‘s linked pdf about dystopian societies and their traits, i’ve began to form an idea. i think that the forum is starting to develop some of those traits, and before you continue, let’s just make something very clear. resembling a dystopian society is NOT a good thing. and if you’ve ever read books like divergent, the hunger games, etc., you know that.

traits that the forum has been developing

• Information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted.
• A figurehead or concept is worshipped by the citizens of the society.
• Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance
• Citizens live in a dehumanized state.

eh, maybe not SO much this one, but i thought it would be necessary to include

• The natural world is banished and distrusted.
the constant worry of accidentally linking cof
• Citizens conform to uniform expectations. Individuality and dissent are bad.
• The society is an illusion of a perfect utopian world.

i had a hard time coming up with exactly what kind of dystopian society the forum would fall under. it was a tough one, because i didn’t feel that anything specific really fit. the leaders are most definitely not incompetent, but the most fitting name for what’s going on would be a bureaucratic system/society. for a quick tl;dr, a bureaucratic society is a society that’s under constant pressure of rules and laws that have (usually, not in our case) incompetent government officials. i think it really socks that i think this way, and i think it’s necessary to eventually at least try and change so that we don’t feel this was. bureaucracy is not a good thing.

thanks for taking the time to read my opinions, feel free to respond and give me what you think! :))


lolol i agree with your points that you agree with as well