General Chinese Topic!



Hai! I didn't see many active Chinese topics so....
I'll teach Chinese! This one doesn't have to do with anything so don't.... yeah.... I guess I can't describe what only occurs in my mind xD
Well I guess I can get 1 or 2 teachers with me and we'll teach the forum Chinese! I think it's good to learn a new language, and the forum can become more diverse. I know @TheGamerNextDoor15 and @Hero_Dino speak it, but I don't know who else so lemme know!

Lol it's kind of hard to learn Chinese unless you've been learning it since you were younger, otherwise your mouth doesn't form right... because
La-ow Sh[ī I can't even type pronounce a pinyin I its so weird
then becomes
Lawwwwww Sheeeeeee which makes you sound like a sheep BAAAAAABAAAAABAAA

Intro to tones:
Using "bā" as the generic syllable here:
bā - first tone - like one clear note if you're a singing sheep
bá - second tone - voice starts low and comes up fast like a confused sheep
bǎ - third tone - voice starts high, dips down, and comes back up like a scolding sheep
bà - fourth tone - starts high comes low like a not scolding, but ANGRY sheep
ba - monotone/fifth tone - like first tone but lower and blah-er laik a bored sheep

That's all for today/now!
TEACHERS?? PLEASE REPLYYYYY! I think I'll take the first two?
Applying teachers, please @mention me in your reply. Please speak ONE sentence in Chinese. Or more, it's really up to you. NOTE CHINESE JAPANESE KOREAN ARE DIFFERENT. The dialect I'm teaching RN enfolds Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, and more characters.


Are you guys going to relate this to Hopscotch?


so ya... I guess? It's related to the forum...


I really don't think this is related to Hopscotch. It's like staying,
"We'll get the whole forum to talk about dogs. We talk in the forum, so it's Hopscotch related."


Awwwww why such a downer? There's lots of schools! Then again I am a smol potato with a migrant


;^; okeh...... lemme just ask @liza or @rodrigo? I'll email THT....


Yeah, true. But they code stuff too. I think.


I don't remember hmm


Wot about this? XD trying again
Lotsa ppl speak Chinese on HS and they're misunderstood :C and maybe I can get them involved? they deserve attention onHS too! maybe if ppl understood them at least a little?


Also shouldn't the forum be diverse?
"shouldn't the forum have more dogs" xD


Maybe you could make a project on HS teaching people Chinese..


Okay. I don't really care anymore. I'm to lazy and tired to debate right now. :P


I think @CosineStudios would agree


Aw I'm sad now ;^; and @mr.gam3r ya sure? I don't know I see a lot of those


@PurpleStorybook This isn't very hopscotch related...
Maybe (if this is a school) you could have people do their homework by coding on hopscotch?
Or if it's not a school make Chinese projects?


你会讲中文吗?(random)(obviously you can) (I'm a bored sheep)


Wǒ huì shuō zhōngguó huà
@kvj can speak Chinese too!


Dis is leike da other language schools!:wink:


Since when? :0


I meant i can speak Chinese too