General Chat Discussion



A simple yet fun way forums to discuss anything. We will keep this Hopscotch related so Poptart doesn’t have to fight the “BOT’s” okay? Thanks! We can discuss art, games on Hopscotch just anything related to Hopscotch.
Thank you!;D


Ok. So this is basically free chat but HOPSCOTCH RELATED


Go Hopscotch! :smile:


Does anyone know how long MagmaPOP will be back?


He's back, and I think he's staying forever! :wink:

@MagmaPOP, are you only staying for a certain amount of time again?


If hes staying forever and ever


What is everyone's favorite Hopscotch project everyone?


All of mine :sunglasses:

jk xD


Let's try to keep this meme-free! :wink:


I love all original projects, including games, art music, etc. I like practically everything!