Gender surveys/quizzes (For everyone!)


Hi coders,
I have noticed on my Featured Projects (For Newcomers) topic I have reached 10 likes and about 5 comments! That is so awesome, thanks hopscotchers!

Recently on Hopscotch, I have noticed a project by a hopscotcher that said that we should all stop posting gender surveys that try and guess your gender. I totally agree with that hopscotcher. First of all, it is really hurtful when you recieve a wrong answer. Second, it is very inaccurate, because I love playing kickball, but I also like nailpolish and other girly things. So, I suggest not to make those projects anymore, because they are hurtful, inaccurate, and have nothing to do with coding games. Make other projects, like fun games that you coded yourself or websites and clubs and stuff like that, not gender/religion surveys!

Thanks again for all of the likes and comments on my last topic!!! :wink:


Agreed. I once got 'boy' on one of my "tests". Just because I dislike makeup and like sports doesn't mean I'm a boy.

Also, I already have a topic like this


I completely agree! We shouldn't be judged as male or female just because we like certain things!
However, I think there might already be a few topics like this that you could add on to. Maybe you could use the search bar to check them out?
I'll try and find some and edit them here, as well.


I can't find mine for some reason...


Hi @Lightningstrike,
Yes, that is my point! It is completly unfair!

Oh, I am sorry! I assure you I didn't copy your topic, I just wanted to spread the word out to more people!


Hi @Giraffedolphin26,
Yes, it IS completly wrong!
I already got a comment just like that, and I understand that my topic HAS been repeated by many other hopscotchers!!! I just wanted to get the word out quicker!


Hi again, @Lightningstrike,
What do you mean? Are you saying like the list of topics that @Giraffedolphin26 had commented? I think yours will come up maybe towards the end, depending on when you posted it.


Agreed, just because I like mine craft more than a Barbie game doesn't mean I'm a boy, vice versa, it's just stereotypical. It's unfair how society thinks girls are all pretty, pink, and sweet, and boys aren't always strong and brave.. We all are human aren't we? Why can't we just live in peace knowing that just because we have a certain gender, it doesn't mean we have to act like what society tells us to be like.


Yes, I understand :smile:
I'm not saying you were, I'm was saying that there were already topics like this


No, I mean even though I created it, it doesn't appear in my topics..


Hi @Destined_Taco1,
I completly agree with you, and it IS wrong! Hopscotch should make a rule about this, and as soon as I can I will start a pettion project on hopscotch!


Hi again, @Lightningstrike,
Thanks for letting me know that they're other topics similar to this one! :slight_smile:


Hi @Lightningstrike,
Maybe you accidently DIDN'T click the button... that's a thought. Or you deleted the topic by accident, that is definietly an option you shold consider.


True. I got girl/girly boy on one quiz and I am a boy. Honestly the "girly boy" part was the most offensive part because that basically is calling a boy a "sissy".


But there's nothing wrong with that! I just find the entire gender surveys offensive. I always get boy. Always. Just because I like bugs over butterflies, I'm suddenly a 'boy.' Boys and girls don't have to "Act like a lady" or "Be a man". They can like and be whatever they want to like and be!


Totally agree. Im gonna rant now. Listen closely youngins'. (Although some of you are probably older) Gender stereotypes should end. I absolutely loathe when people say that girls are all prim and proper. Not all of us are! I also detest when people say boys are all about sports.
In fact I know so many boys (who are all my friends) that think that girls aren't all ladylike princesses that are pampered. And I know so many girls that think gender stereotyping is terrible. Because it is! Just because a girl doesn't like makeup it doesn't mean that she's a tomboy! If a boy doesn't like sports it doesn't mean his a sissy. It means he doesn't like sports! Where in the world do people, no. Not people. Children get this from?
I took a test once to see what people on the forum were ranting about and when the test said I was a "boy" I knew exactly why they ranted. I'm a girl for goodness sakes! Yeesh!
Okay. I wrote three paragraphs. 1% of my rage has been let through. Would anyone like another rant? XD


Hi @MobCraft,
Yes I can see how that can be super offensive! Stuff like this HAS to stop!


Hi @SmileyAlyssa,
you brought up SUCH a good point! We can be anything we want! :slight_smile:


Hi @YsabelleChan,
Good ranting! :slight_smile: I agree with you completly!!
Please do not rant again :wink: even though I totally agree with you :slight_smile: