Gender reveal?! :O


I plan to might reveal my gender for a special occasion like when I get regular!

What do you think?

  • When you get regular
  • When you get member
  • Don't reveal it
  • When your anniversary on HS has come
  • When you get leader? Lel that's never gonna happen


Votes are public.



This is a public poll :D


You are a girl if I'm right


Also I saw you play Minecraft, what servers do you play


Hoi topic :)


I play MinePlex a lot.


I didn't put any evidence of my gender :P

Don't try to guess :wink:


Ok, also what servers do you play on Minecraft?


Mostly mineplex



Why cant you just reveal your gender now?


So! I got member just right now!
So drum roll
I'm a girl!
If its hard to believe let me explain..
My love for video games has grown since I was a really young! Video games are fun so I stuck with some. Pokemon has got to me my favorite. I'm guessing most people assumed I was a boy but I'm not so :D


Oops sorry, I clicked the wrong I'm terrible.


@Kittensrule12 that's kind of rude.


Jeez. It was just a joke! Can't u even take a joke?!


Er xD that's not what a joke is.

You don't need to get mad