Gender is personal information, right?


No. Gender is not even close to personal information. Billions of people are female and billions are male and many are queer (gender non-confirmists). How does that make it easier to find you when you state your gender?


People might just want to know because it's interesting, and it's not bad. Neither is age. :slight_smile:

Personal info is full name, adress, area in which they live, school, phone number, or other things that would help someone track them down.


And some people need to know that if they're writing a story.


Very true!
Or if they want to know whether to call them a she, he, or them.


Or if they want to know how to code or draw them!



Check the Community Guidelines to see a list of things you should and shouldn't share on the Forums!

Gender isn't on the list, but as nearly all people are boy or girl, it's OK to share.


I'm a girl! :wink::blush::tada:


Why would it be personal info​:joy::joy:


As everyone said, gender is not personal info.
There are BILLIONS of girls and boys around the world!
You don't have to share if you don't want to, but it's still safe to say your gender.


Gender wouldn't be personal information. I think it's safe to share gender because if you share it, it still wouldn't be easy to track you down. But, it's up to you to share your gender. Nobody forces you to :slight_smile:


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I don't think gender is personal info because there are lots boys and girls in the world, but it is safer not to reveal it because there are bad people on the Internet.


What they posted ^!

Basically: Gender isn't personal information because its not specific to only you. So it is absolutely fine to share :slight_smile:


If people don't want to share there gender, they don't have to. There are billions of boys and girls, so saying you a boy/girl/anything in between isn't something personal that you will be identified for. Now, if I said I'm a boy who lives in New York and said what I looked like, then someone could find me.


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