Gas Station Machine Collab!


Hey guys! I decided I want to do another collab. This time, I really want to finish! All of the people who want to join must promise not to quit, and promise not to let me forget! :D

Okay! So, this collab would be pretty different and new!

I would like to make a gas station machine! (Or whatever the actual name is! :laughing:)

It would be transferred by drafts, not a collab account. I don't trust them anymore, since we can't share emails.

Here's what they look like:

So, what I would like to do is make a working one, with movable handles, a working keyboard, and different gas options. This would be a front view, like the picture above.

I need people to help! Here's the types of people I'm looking for.


This person would work with the overall layout of the machine. Some aspects of it would be the layout in the background, and some ads. They would make it look like the real thing!


Pretty self explanatory! This person would help with the hoses, and some other things!
I need 2 of these!

Numbers Person!

This person would help with the keyboard, and the price of gas/gallons of gas. This is a complicated role!

Music Person!

We need some simple, yet catchy music for this project! The music person would also be a beta tester.

Okay! To choose the members, I need a paragraph (At least! You can write more.) from those interested in joining. Include why you would like to join, what you could help with, and the position you are applying for. I will accept 2 coders, one designer, one numbers person, and a music person!

Thanks for reading this! I will close requests to join in 48 hours. I already have a draft with an overall idea! :D

People who I would like to join, but don't have to:


Does Anyone Want To Collaborate? [Closed]

Could I join? :D


I won't quit, and if I remember, I will remind you. :D
And... I think I could be a designer, and I could help with the code! :D

One second... I'll write a paragraph! :D


That's all I need!

You were tagged, so I'm a little lax on your requirements. :D

So, I'm 99% sure you're in. :D

After all, you are potentially the best designer on Hopscotch! :D

However, a paragraph would help.


I would like to join this project for many reasons. First, I am constantly active and don't give up. Also, I have been featured for making Soccer Star. Lastly I think it would be fun to do another collaboration! The only thing I would ask for is organization so there aren't multiple drafts being worked on at the same time. I would love to join the team as a coder.
PS: I'm not working on anything else at the moment


Okay! I'll write a paragraph... :D

Also, I saw you edit that 2 times. XD


Please write at least a paragraph on why you should join! :D


Could I join as the designer? :slight_smile:

Paragraph coming soon, if you need it


It's edited now!


Please! Can I do designer? I am great at making text art, and making it move together.


I was thinking of you as more of a numbers person, since you're so amazing with values! However, you do whatever! :D

Paragraph, please!

You too, @SkydivingWalnut! :D


What did you think?


You're definitely in consideration! :D

I'll decide in 48 hours. :D



I wrote some stuff...

I want to join because it sounds fun, and I think I could help with some stuff. Also, you asked me to join, and why not. :D

I think I would be best at designing, but I could be the numbers person, and/or a coder. I could be anything but the music person. Anything. XD

I can work on it more because I can work on my account. I don't know why, but I always seem to work slower on collab accounts. I think it's because I want to be on my own. XD


I've got an excellent interpretation of how things should and will look. If it's off, I'll most likely notice. I also know how Colours blend, which Colours are most appealing towards others, and how certain Colours blend together to be visually appealing. I'm also great at trail art, and text art with set position.

I'm also great at finding custom Colours, so I've got somes that are nice :)

If this spot is taken, I can always do other things. I'm very flexible, and can do some other things! I can be a numbers person, because I'm pretty good at that stuff, and I've got a good number sense (we all know $3.09 is way too expensive)



Can I test for bugs? :smile:


You're the first to ask!

I wanted someone to ask, I didn't want to openly offer it!

Yes! :D


Thanks! :D :D :D


Can I please help? Transferring drafts type of collab is really good for me! :D

I would like to be one of the coders! I really want to do a bigger collab with a group, and this sounds really fun! I'm a speedy coder, (or at least that's what @Anonymous says) and I can work on it whenever you need me to! Just tell me what to do, and I'll get it done! I have a ton of experience with coding, and I'm very active! I also wouldn't quit, no matter what! :smile: I would love to be a part of this!


Hi @Gilbert189! I really hope you pick me as a designer. I think I would be pretty good at it. Whenever I do code on my account, it's usually text art of some art. I think my text art is pretty, but I have never published one. It all stays put in my drafts. I can make things move as well, and I like art and designing. I dream of becoming a architect, graphic designer, or an interior designer when I am older. I am a grade higher in math, and I am on the most part a A student. I will fully understand if you do not care to pick me. There are other amazing people such as SmilingSnowflakes. I would really love if I could work with someone as dignified and recognized as you, and it would help boost my motivation to code and would give me something to do. Once again, I hope I get picked.

Why I Would Be Good:
-Higher Math
-GREAT eye with color


For anyone applying to be a designer:

For an extra boost to your chance of being picked, do a sketch of what you think it should look like! :D