Garden Art Club



Hi everyone in art club! This is a great place to talk about challenges and ask me questions about them. So ya!


Hi! Has anyone done the new challenge yet? I posted it on the announcements board. But here it is anyways:
Choose a color you hate. Draw yourself only with shades of that color. It would be nice if you could do it on my drawing pad, but you can do it anywhere. Title this #TheWorstColorEver. Awesome! Have fun!


Hi it's me CutePuppy{on}:dog::art:™ this is my user in Hopscotch.


HI!!! Have u done the challenge yet? What is ur least favorite color? Just wondering... mines orange!!! I hate orange


I need help with the shade part I don't know what that is.



Oh.. it's like different types of colors. For example, light green, dark green, normal green. But do that for ur least favorite color


Oh thx for helping me could you please pick me for 1st places since I am trying really hard


I don't know yet.. but you were the first one to do it! You did awesome!


Send me a picture of how you look then I will




Sorry I couldn't find skin colors



I'm so confuzled!!!


Hi, but I don't want to do pixel art anymore. Can I just do it on another app and draw?


I want to join now!


Sure! I am fine with that! Have fun!


U can be in! I will put u on the list!


thanks i am so excited!


If u want to join, u can. But plz be nice and kind.