Garden Art Club; needs members!



Plz sign up here for my new art club- The Garden Art Club! I will check your profile if you sign up! I really need members! Accepting pixel artists too; you will just do the challenges in pixel art! Plz sign up; I need members! I will tag you if you are in art club already.


I want to join as a pixel art member please! :DD

And if there's trail art as an option, I can alternate between trail art and pixel art.


I would leike to join!
I do art art


I'll join! This sounds fun!


You are in the art club! Hope you have fun! First challenge will be posted soon!


Awesome- you are in! Challenge will be posted soon!


Awesome! You are in! I will post new challenge soon!


Alright, thanks! :DD


I do art

Here is art


You are in!!! Congrats sweet Lina! Check my profile to see Other members


Thank you!

I really love drawing!