Gaming Challenge!


Hello everyone! I wanted to start a game coding challenge! If you would like to join just let me know! Anyone is welcome. So here’s how this will go down… Each challenge you compete in, you have 4 weeks to complete it, must relate to the theme unless there is none, after the 4 weeks, poll will go out with the entries that will be posted here, then the week after that there will be another challenge which I will post! I hope you all join because this is my first challenge I’ve ever done. Once we have some people I will post the first challenge!
Also if we’ve already started, it’s never to late to join!


Sounds pretty fun, but isn’t six weeks a bit too long? Just my opinion.


I don’t know. Some people like to take their time. It’s just to let people have enough time to work on it. If it starts to feel like it’s to long then I could shorten it a little


Yeah, I was just thinking people might get bored if it goes one and a half months between each challenge.


Maybe at least 4 would be good


I’ll join! I’ve been needing to code a few more games anyways


Thank you! I just need at least 2 more people


I’l join


Alright at least one more person


Are you guys good to start the challenge?


I’ll join!




First challenge!
A space themed game. It doesn’t matter how the mechanics work just needs to be spaced themed.
4 weeks to get entries in.
The 4 week count will start on Monday, so the deadline will Be May 12!
A poll will come out the same day for voting. Anybody can vote! Vote for your favorite

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Looks like fun


Dude that’s just rude😡


Oh shoot, Bae’s here to troll everyone again… get the he.ll out of here!


Hey please don’t make this topic get closed.

@TheCMStudios, I think I’ll join!


Here comes bae or xse


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Good point. I hope THT is quicker on bae this time