Games you must play before leaving Hopscotch!


Hey Hopscotchers!

So, I was looking at an old topic when I came across this topic by @PumpkinGirl and I was thinking we could make a newer version!
Feel free to add any topics you want underneath here: (This is the old list!)
Bottle flip by @FoodDelivery
Diving game by @CreationsOfaNoob
Lemonade Stand by -Madi- /@Madi_Hopscotch_
Balloon draw by @Paige1212
2048 by @t1_hopscotch
Doctor game by @lollypopcorn
Star dodge by @RubyWolf1
Space Pad by @Artistic_cat (Couldn’t seem to find the project?)
Animation Maker by @Valgo
Fifteen by @Montoya
Minecraft Sneakup by @MagmaPOP
Don’t Let Em’ Fall by @Intellection74
Hover TanX by @BumpSplatGaming.Co
Bear Tower Defense by @Petrichor
SCORE! Hero! by @Rodrik834
Super Smash Emojis by @TheBest1Ever
Minigames 2 by @Awesome_E
Star dodge by @DMF

Thank you @Jazz for allowing this!

(@⁣omtl sorry if you do not want to be tagged!)


Thanks so much.


Maybe you can put in links for all these projects for people like me on computers that don’t have hopscotch lol


I will I am just on a computer now!




Nice topic, I really think that you did good reviving it!


Oh cool!

I added some of the links if you don’t mind!


thank you!

That’s really nice of you, thanks!


This is cool! Hey, did you know that the Diver in the dive game is a modified terraria character?


really? That’s awesome!


Yeah I knew lol


Is this the star dodge version that was meant?
Or was it the one by RubyWolf?


I think it was this one, lemme edit it in :smiley: