Games need to get verified

The Hopscotch curators (Madi and Alyssa) do help with that stuff, I believe, but they haven’t been active in a while (to my knowledge).
They were able to do that and other things, like seeing acc details and changing stuff in app (like curating, PFPs, project titles, etc) because they were in a formal internship with tht for that kind of stuff.
As forum curators, Silv n I just recommend projects and make it a bit easier for tht on the forum side of things. We’re volunteering, just like the leads, to help out, and none of us (leads included) are in a formal internship with tht. Even when Serenity and I tested out modding for Ana, it was a volunteer role and not an internship. When t1 did it with tht a couple years back, it was an internship role, so she could do a lot more stuff and help out with the more heavy-lifting moderation aspects.

So in terms of helping out with that same kinda stuff in-app, you’d have to be interning with them, which is quite possible, but I don’t really know the specifics of how that stuff works and whether or not that’s something that will do.
But just having volunteers from the community go and help moderate projects like that wouldn’t be possible, to my knowledge.



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