Games like may be possible now!



In my featured project Hexazoom, I used a new principle of movement for enemies. Everyone knows the old trick of making an object glide to a point by setting its x and y to the its current coordinates plus the difference between its position and the target’s, divided by a value regulating movement speed. You see that the object slows as it gets closer to its target, but if you pop in the distance formula in to the division factor, then it remains a constant speed. This means you can run away from AI, unlike having it speed up and track you down at the same pace over greater distances. I believe this can go further, so I would like to do a collab. Thank you for reading.
(Here’s the project, ask me if you want me to create a project with just this concept)


That project is really good! I think that the animations are new too, I haven’t seen them before.


Woah, cool. I have no idea though because I’ve never made games using this principle, but your solution sounds great.


So is making a legit version of too old now? Because there are plenty of other games where this can be used, so I’m just looking for someone to do a collab with this. Please let me know if your interested.


I’m not sure how you would do this, but, could you create a game?


This game has lots of mechanics. So, I’m not sure if it’s possible!


@TheAwesomeBoi I see where your going! I do see some immediate problems such as 2 joysticks operating simultaneously, and flawless collision for obstacles. The hud may not look as fancy, though the mechanics of the characters and enemy movement may be possible utilizing my code. Only things left are functioning turning, which should be simpler, the interaction with the dynamic environment, and the animal and enemy AI. I have never played this before, so you tell me what else needs to be required. And is this a game you want to make or just a question? Good idea overall!


I might be able to collab. Just might.


@Hopscotcher So you want to collaborate on making That’s great! Are we creating a new shared account, or how will this work?


Could we use my second account?


@Hopscotcher Thanks for the info! I checked out both of your accounts, some cool stuff I did see! I’m guessing you have about 2 years of experience, so that’s great. Thanks for the offer, but I would like to just create a fresh, new, shared account. Then we can both republish it onto our’s, or use some weird json file editing to remove the watermark. Sharing the account’s password through the forums is risky, so let’s find a way to do it privately.
Actually, I know a way. Check your activity in your main account.


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Got it.


Cool! But just saying, I think somebody already made It would be cool to see another version, though!




@tankt2016 Yes, but the screen remains restricted to what can fit on it. With this, you can have the real movement concept of a stationary character in the center and a moving background with AI also capable of moving, while still regarding the background position. But do you mean like the version made by Titan Boy a while back?


Uhh, I don’t know, I forget who made it.


@XAMANION Are we still continuing I accidentally broke the 2D scrolling with the joystick.


@Hopscotcher I am working on a game right now, will be done soon.