Gamer Collaboration! Now hiring for lots of positions! PLEASE DO NOT EDIT



This is a test for the new categories! But, it's a Collab! Super-mega-Aweosme one! Here, we list the following.
@Gilbert189, is it okay if I make another Collab topic, but have it start fresh? I spent a LOT of time working on this.


Coders 3
Mathematicians 2

Grahpics 2

Trail Artists 3

Pixel Artists 2

Designers 2
Overall Helpers 3

Backups 2

Vice President 1

The Form!

Here is the form!

Hopscotch Username:
On a scale of 1-10, how good of a coder do you think you are?
What position?
Is it okay if you are not accepted?
Do you like being tagged?
What time Zone are you in:

If you do not meet requirements, the following may occur:

You will not get the job you want
You may not be accepted
You may be a backup person, just incase someone quits

The Vice President has the rights to:

Kick someone out of the Collab
Assign people jobs
Make decisions
Tell other what to do

While members are allowed to do the following:

Help people that need it
Find bugs
Debate about what to do
Make suggestions

The rules!

  1. Please be kind, and helpful at all times
  2. Always give advice
  3. Do not use the following emojis:
  4. Do what to be told, or ask politely for another job
  5. Do not start a flame war
  6. If you see a flakey comment, just flag it and don't say anything
  7. If you follow these rules, you may move up
  8. If you break these rules, you may move down


Everyone starts off as basic, if they do something that the Vice President of President sees and likes, they may move up a level.










I'll Be Vice president
And a game maker


Fill out the form! :D


Username: Essaquire
Coding level: about a 9
Position: vice president and game maker
I'm fine not being accepted but I would rather be accepted than rejected
Time zone: EST (it's 1:35 pm.m right now for me)
And I love being tagged


I'll put you as coder!


Not Vice President

Not to nag but I also would rather be vice presedent than coder it's just a second choice
XD I should have said that in the form

And I most likely will be a leader in August so I'm great at leadership


If the starting Vice President isn't doing so well, I'll put you up. :smiley:




Hopscotch Username: the bestest
On a scale of 1-10, how good of a coder do you think you are? 6 - 8
What position? Coder
Is it okay if you are not accepted? Yeah
Do you like being tagged? Sure!
What time Zone are you in: idk but its 12:39 right now
Can i also be a Vice President if i get the chance?


So is there a account or somthing I can start on and what level to I start off as?

Just so everything is more organized, make a line and put your collab level under it starting now



The bestest ur in the central time zone



I will tell you when I create the account.

@thebestest, I will check your profile.


That makes sense


Ikr XD



You're in!


Username : DiamondStars​:comet:[MC]
Coding level about 8 to 10
What position : Vice President
Of course it's all your choice! C:D
Love it Lol XD
I'm in European time zone. However, I am on late at night XD
@MiracleShoutouts ( I am going to spam like you )


So do I start off as basic or —
Nvm I found out that I'm basic


Off topic sentence for @Hermione

hi @Hermione long time no see, how's life?


I think you'll be a good graphic person, is it okay if a put you there? :smiley:


Of course!!
< kjnfsljsddkjndsckjndsckjndcskjkndcskjndsc>
Loki am chasing you every where....


Hello how are you (sry off topic)
Haven't seen you for half a year!