Game testers.... for everyone!



Hi everyone!!! I decided to make this topic to get people to check out my games, give me feedback and blah.

Feel free to show off your own projects as well… make sure to add a poll!!


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I haven’t got any likes on this… what do I need to do better/what do I need to add??

  • It ok…
  • Hate it
  • Mum/mom!! Look at this awesome project!!
  • Needs more
  • Needs levels
  • Button needs to be decorated

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Maybe add achevements


@Stal98 can you please not use my tag list for your stuff?


I don’t think Kay Kat likes using her tag list unless she really needs it.


Could you please not use my tag list for your posts? Thanks,


Ok… will do (or won’t do… how do ya say it??)


Ok… same as the post above :+1:t2:



This game is awesome!! It’s a very simple concept executed very well
Maybe make more bold text or floating text?


It’s super cool right now. I like that it is simple but that it is fun and that it works.


What do you mean by floating text???


As in like, it bobs up and down with Sin/Cos ^^;;
I think some of @Dylan329’s games have it??


I don’t think my games use sin and cos, lol.


Sorry, I meant DMF whoops


Yeah, I do.


Hey I could make it bounce!


Next project… I haven’t got any likes on this one, what can I ad??

List of things I’m adding (can other people add too)

  • See colour (settings) ~ done
  • Width (settings)
  • Saturation and brightness (settings)

@POMTL (I think you are aloud to post it more tha once in a topic, cos I’ve seen others doing it, if you are not aloud pls tell me)


A poll:

  • Laggy
  • Laggy but playable
  • Not laggy
  • Extremely laggy

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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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I don’t think that it is laggy. Maybe you could add color options for Saturation (S) and Brightness (B) as well? But other than that, the project is really good!


Umm…I m just going to say that:
1.Nice project
2.The firework code is a premade custom Rule
3.There are more efficient ways to make it even less laggy
4.If you need help ask me