Game testers.... for everyone!



Idk is 360 an ok score?


Idk why, I like uploading screenshots here. Anyways anybody interested in an Auto-Correctish Search? If so,

edit: @POMTL whatya think?



Just change the looks and make it nicer I guess!!


this would be cool if Hopscotch allowed th use of external APIs


Yeah! I will, I was just trying to get the main parts working. It shall be colourful! :smiley:




Great luck with your project! :))


Awesome! Have you defined these things yourself and added a few keywords, or how is this possible?


It’s fine! Sorry if I seemed rude or anything :smiley:


I’m too tires to type, so here is a screenshot of the what is this? section


You need to full screen the image to see the last part.
(The normal versions aren’t going to happen btw, this is an old screenshot I sent to my friend)


Hey everyone!! I’m back… and while I was away I made this:

It is my first ever trail art it took me an hour and a half to code…

Remember, you can post your own projects on this topic as well!!


Look what I just saw when I was scrolling through my remixes​:sob::sob::sob:

What do I do?


The person who left that message has shown the height of their coding skills.
They are unable to code anything equal or greater than what you have done.


Ignore that person. They just show how pathetic they are :joy::joy:


Thx… and also their name is Depressed pineapple… lol, they’re probably depressed because they can’t make a game as good as that


OOOHHHHH ROASTED :stuck_out_tongue: so true


It’s really good, especially as it is your first Trail Art!


Yeah… I started off with the nose… I was just testing out different things you could do… and then I turned that into a trail art… yeah…


That kid stinks… He just left a dumb message without any code. I can’t believe it! He is just trying to be mean…


Thanks… that is what I thought too… I hope you like all my games!! I put a lot of effort into them… most of the time