Game testers.... for everyone!



Wow those projects sound cool! I hope you don’t mind me bookmarking this and I’ll check them both out later.


I just realised stal posted his game at the same time as I posted mine, well Ima play stal’s and nominate it for featured.


I’m gonna nominate yours!! That is seriously the most intriguing game ever!!


High five! XD anyways I gtg


Bye!!! THANKYOU sooo much for nominating my project for featured!!

I hope yours is featured, because I’ve never seen a project that deserved featured more


@HopscotchRemixer how is the debugging going???


I am having a little bit of trouble. I will probably get it back to you tommorow


I’m not here tomorrow :sob::sob::sob:


Are you leaving or something!


I’m going away for 3 weeks and I won’t have internet


Oh ok. Well I am sorry then. Upload your HS projects so you can still work on them when you are away


I will… well, I think we don’t have internet, I might be wrong… but even if I do, it’ll be bad


Lol, you are going from topic to topic


AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH all scotch is doing is chatting… he said he’d get tap it done 2 nights ago…

Edit: why am I talking to myself??


@The_Crafty_Painter It is amazingly good! Congratulations to your featured, you really deserve it! :slight_smile:

@Stal98 I like that game too! It reminds me of “Space Invaders” a little. One bug I found was that the “Face Parts Collected” indicator text looks a little bit weird when you have collected more than 9 face parts. Other than that, I really like your game and I think that it is a featured worthy game too!


Thanks… though I think @The_Crafty_Painter’s project deserves featured more


What should I do with this??

I meant to upload it at Christmas but I forgot… should I upload it now or not??

P.S if anyone knows how to make the BG go quicker pls tell me…


I know I said I wouldn’t tag for a couple weeks but I really want to know what you all think of this:

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Pls tell me what you think about it… what I can add…

@POMTL remember you can post your own projects on this topic too!


:sob::sob::sob: it didn’t get featured… :sob::sob:


I think that you should publish it. Even though it isn’t Christmas, it would be cool with a project.