Game testers.... for everyone!



Ok, I will go in and try to fix it and simplify it. But first, you have to clean up the project yourself. By that I mean taking all the text out of the editor. So only the gray text is there. You can use the set text block in a game starts Block to make the text while playing the project


Done @HopscotchRemixer
Can you pls fix the variables


The variables are all were the arrows point to

One variable (the one up the top) is under the platform/rectangle


I have to go I will fix it tonight


Thx!! I’ve given you a shoutout


Ok, I am back. I will try to work on it now


How’s it going??

Sry for tagging sooooo much


Sorry, I had to leave, and I am talking with a bunch of people. I will work on it sometime tonight


Hello! Just a little teaser screenshot, should be out later today if testing goes well, any #CoasterCreatorHype going on cuz of this screenshot? Anyways, behold the new look of Coaster Creator! Oh woopsie I left the changelog visible :wink:
Edit: forgot to add the screenshot XD:


Why did you put is in @Stal98 's topic?


I don’t know. I forgot how to make my own topics.


You litterallyvmade a topic today, or yesterday…depending on where you live


22 hours ago, I just checked, I forget stuff within 22 seconds so :3


I asked him to show us in this topic


How’s the debugging going???


It’s totally ok :+1:


Yes, I am so excited! It looks really cool!


Oh… I didn’t think of that! I understand :slight_smile:




Woo I’ll play your game