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I like it, but you can only move one way (forward). Is it a bug or is it supposed to be like that?


Yes… it says in the story that you want to know what is going on and you force yourself to keep going forwards


Why doesn’t this code work???

Here is the game if you want to see for yourself
You guys seem to know how stuff works…


Ok I will look into it


I need to know what the variables do before I can do anything @Stal98


They are meant to change the level when you tap 100 times,
when the level goes up the amount of taps and the time should reset… but only the time does


The next level you need to tap more times to get into the next level… so in the first level you need to tap 100 times but in the second level you need to tap 175 times


That is because you are only resetting the time variable. I will remix for you hold on


But I thought doing this

Would reset it


What does the Ttarger variable do? Also I am going to help with the text issues in the editor, so it is easier to get around, oh yeah I also have to do that for your other game. Hold on, let me do that first.


I’ll just tell you what Ttarget is
So I’ve set it so The that Ttarget is the amount of taps needed to get into the next level… I thought it would go: When Ttarget’s number is the same as the amount of taps and 2Ltarget (the level) is the right number it will reset

2Ltarget is the number that level needs to be to be able to do the thing inside the check once if, so the 2Ltarget needs to be the same as Level

3Ltarget is what level needs to be… to be honest I could have just done an increase variable


@Stal98 made it more organized by removing the text in the editor


Yeah, you made it to confusing for yourself, you only need 2 variables


I know how to do it but I don’t want to flat out tell you how to do it. I will point you in the right direction though. Basically, you want to increase Ttarget every time the level increases p. You can do this with checks. I will leave you off there. It should be pretty easy to figure out the rest but if you are having problems come back to me.


Hmmm so I just have to increase the Ttarget every time


Yep. If you need any further guidlines just tag me.


I can’t load the project, I click on the link and it puts me in hopscotch, but it doesn’t put me onto your game


Oh sorry I put the tag right next to it and it broke the link, try now


I’ve done this and it doesn’t work @HopscotchRemixer
I’m soo sorry that I keep tagging you


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