Game testers.... for everyone!



Btw The Coaster Rider Is Usually Chill Inside The Coaster - Just It Takes Like 20 Milliseconds For The Coaster To Catch Up, And Of Course I Took The Screenshot In That 20 Milliseconds ;-;


Looks like fun!!! Remember to post it on this (Game Testers) so I can see!!


Ok! I will next time, when I release it!


What do you think I need to add to Merging??

Remember, you can post your projects on this topic too!!



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Maybe make it so it gradually speeds up the lasers, so the game gets harder. Also, maybe start the lasers of slower?


A much better background. That background makes it look like a game back in the 60’s


At the start make it so you can’t loose lives to lazers until you touch the circle Something like
Wen is taped set variable 2
When is touched check onece if variabke = 2


Have you released it yet???


Anyways… here is my newest project… I put it out last night (New Years eve) at 12 pm/am… do you like it? What can I add?? Is it original??

Remember, you can post your own projects too!!!


Here is In The Dark 1.1:

Is it fun??? Can I add anything??
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Remember, you can post your own projects on this topic too!!


Dood… can u not tag us twice in one day?


Lol, I like use my tag list like 10 times a day


@Stal98 would you like me to turn all of the text invisible in the workspace so it looks cleaner?


Ok… yes please, that’d be great!!


Ok I will do it later tonight


I tagged you in this time yesterday so it hasn’t been twice in one day… I think
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Thanks!! That will make it so easy to get around! Thanks


It’s fine! It was a little surprising to say the least.


@DMF are you ok with me doing this:

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And of coarse I’m giving you credit