Game testers.... for everyone!



No-one ever told me I couldn’t use @POMTL in a project more than once so…

I need some feedback on this game/art thing… I know it is pretty simple so I want to make it CRAZY… pls give meh ideas and il make a list

  • Extremely laggy
  • Not laggy
  • A bit laggy
  • Laggy

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If got to say well done… that’s the highest score scored by anyone so far!!?
Well done…


O wow thanks!!

And I rlly like the fuzzy draw project, tbh it’s one of the best fuzzy draws I’ve seen :+1:


Thank you!!!


It is super cool! I really like it and it does not lag much at all!


Another one… lol so many projects are on this topic… remember, you can post ur own projects too!!
Here is my click the button 2… my last got 20 likes and a hundred plays so ive made a second… I know click the button isn’t very original but there is something at the end that I haven’t seen in other projects… play to find out what it is!!!

Pls give me feedback

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  • Boring
  • My dog could code it…
  • Mom/mum! Look at this awesome project
  • Seriously?? Everyone does that at the end…
  • This game is soooo much fun
  • Love it

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As I forgot to but… @POMTL
Pls tell me if that is allowed more than once per topic… cos I’ve used it more than once…

Also this tag is for the post above (don’t click the button 2)


It’s says people have voted but it says no-one has looked at the project… guys, pls play it!!!


@Stal98 We are playing it on our computers


Ok… I’m do the forum on the ipad


@Stal98 Cool! I use an iPad to code. What type of iPad do you have?


I dunno… iPad 2 (is that even a thing??)
Well, it’s a school iPad


@Stal98 Is it an old iPad? Do you see the little red dot next to each Hopscotch project?


No??? I don’t know what you mean…
by the way this iPad is ios11


@Stal98 Um, the little record button. Are the speakers scattered all over the iPad?




@Stal98 Is the iPad small?


No, it’s not an iPad mini, though when I go to my nanas it is an iPad mini


@Stal98 Then you have a plain old iPad. It is just called iPad.


Ok… thanks