Game testers.... for everyone!



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No it’s fine


My brothers loved this game so much they played it for at least two hours.


I got a game I’d like you to test:

Plz tell me if there’s any bugs!


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What do you think? Should I add/change anything? Plz tell!

Here’s the game!

I like it, but it might be a little easy, and the yellow blends into the background. Maybe the ball could speed up as you went along, or the rotation of the circle could slow down? It’s a good game, but it gets fairly boring once you get to 10 points. :smiley:


My suggestion is to make the rotation of the circle more sensitive as time passes, or just make the game more challenging the farther you go. This allows for more challenge and fun!

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The ball does speed up


The same I answered MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE @discobot


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Oh and the background is random lol

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Is this ok? Ball goes even faster when score increases


Hmmm… It doesn’t seem any different. You could probably publish that as the final copy but I still think it’s a little too easy.


Maybe make the changes more dramatic?


K I’m gonna add that and a shop


Isn’t this like the project topic?


Suggest: speed up, add another color or two, and make it rotate faster.

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