Game testers.... for everyone!



Uh, that’s what GTs are for.


Technically, but I think that this topic keeps everything more collected and potentially has a larger audience. But yes, you are right.


GT’s are for everything… this is just projects… so you can find stuff easier??? Idk do what you want…


You have just bumped 8 topics asking people to take a look at that topic. Please, no offence, but I think it’s enough. Or you may be flagged for spam.
Thanks :)


Your right, sorry. I really want to help people!


I think that tagging OMTL is enough :)


Probably. Do you want to help?


What do you think of this project?

  • Mum/mom look at this awesome project!
  • Laggy
  • Doesn’t work
  • Boring
  • Amazing
  • Unique
  • My dog could code it
  • Simple but fun

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It’s great!


  • It’s a fun game
  • Interesting concept
  • Unique


  • You don’t actually build a hut in the game, I just saw a “draw a hut” challenge. Maybe you could like position logs and a roof and windows and doors to make a hut?

Overall, I’d rate it 8/10.


Thanks! It was originally going to have a hut to build at the end but I couldn’t figure out how to do it and I don’t have much spare time, so I just had to go with this.


You’re welcome!
Also building a hut could be as simple as dragging shapes around (with or without physics)


I think that it is awesome! Even though you don’t really build a hut in the game, like @tankt2016 mentioned, everything that you did in the game was awesome, for sure!


Ello y’all! I have a project, but my math is off somewheres and I don’t know where.


How does this work? Like, I just post a project or what?


If I just need to do that, here is a game I just did! Check it! Got 3 weeks working on it!

A bit buggy but playable!




Don’t be afraid to tag pomtl. Show it nice and clear or else people tagged would wonder why they were tagged here instead of looking at the game.


Wow, cool project! Well done :slight_smile: