Game testers.... for everyone!



I like the animations and the design of the project overall. Even if it is “simple”, it’s actually fun to play.


@POMTL I wanna see some projects!! What are you making?
Want some inpiration?? Try @Yusamac205’s Emoji of the Week contest!
(Sry I couldn’t put a link cos for some reason the link was blocked!)


Hey @Stal98

I’m trying to do animated trail art.

Thanks decodeco for helping though!


New update!

Try it out and tell me what you think!
More options? Just let me know!
Full changes:
-Random space background
-A lot more options!
-Seasons! Currently have no effect. Season will have an effect in the next update!
Have suggestions? Let me know!
Updated on May 13th 2018


What words was in it? Anything starting with f and ending with k like feedbac (with a k)?


No idk what it was! It is very weird


That game is seriously addicting


Have you seen the updated version? If not here it is:


There are obviously some bugs with the forum filter software. Yesterday, “easy-check” in a link to a topic about pixel art made by @Dylan329 was banned for me. Today, I can include it in a post without filtering. Weird :thinking:.


Want me to help??
I’m always happy to help!
(And also you need to update your bio)


Why exactly? @Stal98


What are you saying why about??


Updating my bio :stuck_out_tongue:


It says you have 2 features… does that include Jake trail art??


And also where did you get that profile background picture
@Kayro do you know?? I believe you did one a while ago… did you do another one?


No, that is not my style of arts.
It was someone’s (like the hser not somebody)


Yeah I found them… they made me my logo


Welcome @AwesomeNachos to Game Testers!



Some feedbac please…

Remember that everyone can post their projects on this topic


I’m looking forward to this!