Game testers.... for everyone!



Thank you sooo much!! Amazing!!


I have been making this demo for the last couple of days for a game I am making called Build a Hut.
I want you all to give me ideas for more mini games and I’d also like you to find bugs in the game so far.

Could people with regular please make a global edit post underneath this where people can make a list for hut building mini games (eg. chopping trees hunting etc.)

P.S The reason the release date is in November is because I’m going away for three months soon



It’s harder to code than it looks. It’s tricky. Well, for me anyway.

Actually no, it’s not tricky, it’s time consuming.


This is a super cool concept and idea! :slight_smile:


Thanks! What do you think i should add??


I have a school iPad Air 2.


Well, I suggest making the “minigames” inside the actual game that you are talking about. They sound really fun :slight_smile:


What do you mean by that?


I probably misunderstood something, sorry.


Don’t worry!


I know what you mean… no I’m making it all in one project… you complete one mini game after the other until you have completed them all


Yeah, and those mini games where the ones that I was mentioning. So I didn’t misunderstand something then?


Idk… we’re both confused…


We are. Let’s just see how the game turns out :smile:


@Valgo are you ever going to make any projects?? I absolutely love your projects!! Please make some more!


The dodge update is here!
(The link may not work at first because it’s still being approved)
Here is the full change log:
Changes for 1.6.0:
-New gamemode! (Note: Experimental mode is in beta)
-5 new characters! That’s 8 in total!
-Removed that random black square that would appear over the welcome message
-Now you can close the welcome message by clicking the dark part of the screen!
-Fixed that bug where the invincibility timer wouldn’t appear correctly
-Gl itch ed m od e (tap my name that is under dodge)
-dodge now has images!
-Added an animation when opening the stats tab
-Stats button is now animated


The images looks flawless and the animations match up perfectly with the rest of the game. Awesome!


Cool gl it ch ed mode!!! Love itl


@pomtl Check out my latest game:


Cool! I notice that in one of the text thingies, it gets cut off of the top. Other than that, good job.