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Great dragon!
I guess maybe you could add more details to the eyes,
And maybe sharpen the horn, instead if it being the same size throughout?


Okay thanks! yeah I put not much of the effort in the eyes


Anything to add?

  • Another game (reply)
  • More options (reply)
  • More things are based on the theme color (reply with examples of what objects)
  • More languages (reply with 3 or less)
  • Make it speed up based on what device you have so that it works across all devices, slow or fast
  • Other (reply)

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What I’ve added already:

  • Screen Recording Cursor
  • Fixed ALL emojis for WebPlayer and PC


Umm… I can’t tell which variables breaking my game.
Go into the first fight (save code 1,0,0, tap through tutorial and walk up to the Dino) and something’s repeating forever making the fight not work. Idk what tho lol



I got stuck at “where am I?”. I am going to look through the code later and see if I can find anything. You might want to tag @ThinBuffalo as well, somebody who is an awesome coding helper :slight_smile:


Oh it’s probably cuz you tapped to soon. That happens if the tap variable gets too high while loading in.

I think I can fix that easily.


I can’t view the code so I can’t help, but it looks good so far (visually and on the web player)


I tapped it too soon, and that´s what I thought were the reason as well.


This is all I get after pressing Enter Game?


Woah, that really shouldn’t happen, hold on…


Hmm… that doesn’t happen for me?

Not fully sure what happened.


Do you use any wait blocks? If so, that might be the reason. Wait blocks are independent on the framerate, so a device with another framerate than yours might cause the timing to break.


I fixed it.
Then I forgot to save it as a draft so I had to refix it. Too many things happening before was also causing it to break. Yay lol


Oh thanks!! That helped me understand stuff with my trail arts!! I go on different iPads and they always look different!

How do you fix it so it doesn’t matter about framrate?? Is it possible??


Instead of using ’wait 2000 milliseconds’ you can use ’repeat (120): wait 0 milliseconds’.

Waiting 0 milliseconds just makes the code wait one fram before continuing. This way, you’ll get the same result regardless of device.


What do you mean by repeat 120??


At its fastest Hopscotch is 60 FPS. So 120 frames is two seconds at its fastest.


It’s another way to make the code skip two seconds; but this method ensures that the project works the same on all devices.

By repeat 120 I mean the repeat block. I just didn’t have an iPad present to take a screenhot.


This is such a great idea, thank you!! Can you change the repeat amount to be however many seconds you want?


Yes, it would be 60 times the number of seconds
I have also used this in Minigames 2 at the beginning of code for some objects instead of repeat forever because I only needed them for initial setup.