Game testers.... for everyone!



Hm, just 6 curves.

And maybe a BG?


What do you mean???


What colour???



How is this??? What do I still need to add??


I sorta moved the ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᔕT. ᑭᗩTᖇIᑕK’ᔕ ᗪᗩY! to the side of the screen… how does it look??


I think the first one looked better.


Agreed. Looks good though!


Like red or something


For me, I think that the first one is clearer. Also, for the rainbow, you could just draw circles over each other, the draw a big line over the screen like the code in this project made by me:


Is this good???


I think it looks great! Maybe put the face lower and the happy st p’s day part higher.


Yeah I didn’t really want to do that because moving the face will be hard… Il try


The rainbow looks to mutch like a circle in my opinion


You don’t have to, other than that it looks good


I am making a new version of Minigames - I’d rather not release a beta for it, but am happy to take suggestions…

Link to Post


Yeah, it looks really good!


this is my first ever game! Actually me and my brother worked on it :). We made it for like an hour and we had zero coding experience :sweat_smile:! We were proud of the finished product and published it :)!

p.s any advice to make the game better :)?

anyways here is the link to the game if u wanna try it out :



  • Needs Improvement
  • It’s Okay
  • It’s basic
  • It’s a fun game :)!

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It’s basic but it’s fun!! Maybe make a hammer so when you hit a Venus flytrap it comes in and ‘donks’ it on the head… just a suggestion. Fun game tho, real fun.


This is a project for a bigger project I’m making

And I need some constructive Crit for the unicorn and a possible better version of the dragon. So here we go
I kinda revived


@POMTL post above pls