Game testers.... for everyone!



Yeah that is good!!! But could you make it so it doesn’t go over the lines (curves in the rock)


Yeah, that’s easy to fix!


@William04GamerA hows it going??

Sry… I just really want to post it… my goal is to get a feature every 4 weeks



Sorry! I forgot to do it! I don’t have time to do the project right now, but I will do it tomorrow, I promise! I’m so, so sorry.


That’s ok!! I’m fine with that… it’s me hat should be sorry… I keep bugging you… sry


You’re not! And you will get this trail art in the end of the day… if I remembered to save it in my drafts. I have to redo it again but I will still finish it today


Coolio!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!


We have a problem here. I am going to school now, so I exited the draft… and it didn’t gave me the expected “Save as draft” option…
So, I’ll have to redo everything the third time once I get home from school, so expect getting the link at 17:00 (5:00 PM) GMT +1 time zone. Sorry again!


Finally! The only things you’d have to fix is the timing for the plants on the ground, but everything else should work.


@POMTL any cool projects?? I’d love to see them! What are you working on??? Post screenshots here! Any bugs in your projects??? Come here!



Here is a project for all those people criticising my Uluru/Ayers Rock Trail Art! project.


I never criticized your project, but I still think that is it cool that you added some facts, even if you know what Uluru is! :slight_smile:


You should do one of the Algers too.


I’ll do that in a trail art in the future…


@POMTL what should I add???




A bucket of gold would be nice!


And a rainbow maybe hehhe.


I could do a bucket of gold @Yaygirls
Though I would need code for a rainbow… Since I have never done one before… I could try… Though I think it would look weird


I just realized there is a lot of replies on this one topic!