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@sophia71205 do you like it??


Here is the project


Yes! Nice job!


@William04GamerA @IShallNotBeNamed
What do you think of this trail art of Uluru??


Maybe make the plant thingies a darker, more saturated green?
Also, round the edges and make it a little more asymmetrical and uneven in shape. I like what you did for the ground shape and the grooves in the rock.
Also, perhaps change the background colour as the blue sorta clashes with the warmer tones, I suggest a slight ombré with saturation if you want to leave it at blue or make it more resembling a sunrise if you don’t mind changing the colour.
…if any of what I said made sense, that is.


Some parts did… some parts didn’t…
How would I make the edges rounded tho??

P.S you have the same taste as my sister… she was always like when I was making it “Make the edges round! Make the edges round!”


I think this is a better green… I changed the hue a bit and made it a bit darker… but then it was to dark so I turned up the saturation…


Yeah, I’d suggest nearly full saturation and low brightness for a vivid green. Also maybe use different shades of green?


Does this work?? Uluru at night??


Yeah, that’s pretty good!
Maybe have various sized stars?
Idk, see what works for you.


I needed to Google “Uluru”, but it looks really cool so far! Where do you want to make the rounded edges? I have a really good code for that.


Didn’t you know what Uluru was???





Actually not :open_mouth:
I haven’t learned about that desert in school yet and I was also surprised that I didn’t know what it was.

And about those rounded edges, could you maybe post a link to the project so that I can have a look at the code?



P.S Ever heard of Ayers Rock??? The big rock in the middle of Australia??




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Lol it’s sooo annoying that we’re on at completely opposite times…

lol I really need this trail art out lol



I agree. I couldn’t do the project yesterday 'cause I was busy, but I’ll try to do it now.


I made a quick draft (I’ll make it look better because the curves are getting a little cut off and so on), but is this what you thought of:

I could definetly make the edges more rounder or post the code for you to edit.