Game testers.... for everyone!



Sure, I’ll try and figure this out


Hmm, I have deleted hopscotch off my iPad Air 2 & cannot view code for a bit of a while.
I’ll try to get back to you ASAP


Ok… thanks anyway!!


@BlastFusion @JonnyGamer
How is the bug going?


Do you like this???


@JonnyGamer @BlastFusion how is the debugging going??


Still no hopscotch app…


Why don’t you have hopscotch at the moment???


@POMTL what do you think??
What can I add?

Project will be called Create Your Own Valentine’s Card!

Can somebody think of a name that is a bit shorter… thx

Remember, you can post your own projects on here as well!!


Valentine Creator

Maybe make the heart layered…
And maybe make the text a different color (maybe blue or purple)


What do you mean by that???




What Artsy said above


@BlastFusion the bug is explained above…


The post I replied to and the one underneath it


So your ho bar is the top trail art?
Redo it in text art

Go on hopscotch and type up ‘Jedi adventures’

Look at this object

Don’t worry about the bumping and tapped rules, they just determine what happens to the HP and when


Uhh can you apply this.
@Creationsofanoob was actually the one who really invented it
He has a simple draft of it and he can explain it in more depth


I don’t know why it happens or what makes it happen


What should I add??


Hm, you could make the “Happy Valentines Day” a different color from the rest and make it a bold text