Game testers.... for everyone!



Like your movements are more precise


Yeah… I know that… but people like that sort of stuff… before I had featured and the starter project that was most liked project… idk why… but it was


Exited anybody???

P.S This game is nearly finished


Sry for tagging twice in 48 hours…
Hi everyone!!! I would like you all to test Snake Dodge!
I am trying to make the game the best it can be… but to do that I need you all to help… please test it out and give me some F E E D B A C K…

What do you rate this game out of ten??

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@POMTL remember you can post your own project on this topic too!!


why am i randomly losing health when the beams go off screen?


You don’t lose health when you move off the left


What do you mean??


when the lasers go off screen, they can still hit me.


But they teleport to the top again…


Yes you do… I just tried


The graphics are AMAZING. The idea is AMAZING. The extreme simplicity to the game is terrible :unamused:


What do you mean???



The game seemed overly simple. No goal, no die right after you hit a laser (which seem utterly impossible to hit), and no points.


Time… time time time time is your points… I’ll do other stuff now


Well, it might make rising…


Weird. It didnt do that for me. Maybe it was a one-time glitch? Idk honestly


Yeah, sometimes it lags and does a one-time glitch


@BlastFusion I have a bug that I can’t fix
In Snake Dodge

If you tilt left or right before the game starts there is a weird glitch with the health and you die in about 10 seconds… please try it out…

Edit: @JonnyGamer do you think you could sort out this bug??? There is more on the post below as well…


The green circle is the health and the red arrow is pointing to the circle which makes the snake

@OriginalCherry I have found your bug… I’m trying to fix it (well more like asking blastfusion to fix it)


@BlastFusion read the two post above… sorry about the two tags… it’s just in case you missed the first… sry

Edit: 200th post wooo!!! Lol this is like my GT… lol