Game teaser questions



A lot of people have seen the game teaser for adventures of jeff so if you have any questions for the game ask here.
P.S the release date is unknown we hope it may come out in about 3 weeks


I love the idea and format! Although, I would like to change a few grammar mistakes and give some suggestions...

1. 'interaction with prodject" = "interaction with project"
2. "Follow4LikesOfficial(anoumous)" = "Follow4LikesOfficial(anonymous)"
3. "Basic ideal: LinemStudio" = "Basic idea: LinemStudio"

1. For credits, you could make the scroll stop at a specific area. e.g. check once if scroll is bigger than 0, set value to 0.
2. You could put in parentheses Corvus after @GysvANDRegulus's name, since that's *her HS username.
3. Instead of putting "feelings", you could put "emotions" for clarification.

Anyways, amazing work!!!! So far so good. Sorry if I'm just being a big nerd... :sweat_smile:


His? (Her)
<3 for you anyway!
Nice grammer by the way!


Also, "There was once 3 gods" should be "There were once three gods". Also, there should be commas after the names of gods. (Ex. "Jim, the god of Hopscotch".)
But that's it! Great job so far!


oops! sorry! Didn't bother to check!

*I fixed it :3


I see what you did there! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We're all nerds also thanks for the gamer fix we we're just hurrying not caring about gammer