Game Suggestions?


I need suggestions for an awesome game. At the end, I will take a poll of the best idea, and I'll make it! Whoever's idea wins will get credit!


Have a cookie in the centre of the screen.
And ants running from a random place on the edges of the screen to the cookie.
You have to tap the ants to get rid of them.
Your score keeps going up as long as an ant doesn't reach the cookie.
And have the ants speed slowly increasing


Wow, that's a great idea!!! I think I might wind up doing that no matter what...


That sounds pretty easy to mak.... Try it!


Another idea is a 2 player balloon pumping game
Have 2 balloons onscreen
player 1 taps a button quickly to get a balloon at 10% size to 500% size.
A timer starts when player 1's pump button is tapped and stops when the balloon size is 500%
Player 2 then starts tapping their pump button to get their balloon to 500% with a timer for player 2
The player with the quickest time is the winner
@friendship2468 @Gilbert189


Again, awesome idea!!! I'll do a poll once I have 5 ideas.


What about a megaemoji maker so first part you get it to choose your body then your feet and so on and mabbey have like a factory background!


Oh and then you can move it!


That sounds like a great idea!!


Thanks! I will love whatever you pick though!


You could Collaborate with me on a game called Your Life 2016 addition


So old wowwwww