Game Salad, Game Maker, Unity, Construct 3?


Woah! You could actually figure out how to make something with it!

Lol I downloaded it couldn't figure out anything and uninstalled it today


I believe in all of you guys

so much that I just went to get game maker to see if I could figure it out right now


I am really bad at art and am on a pc, will still work, and if not, do you know any easier ones?


Im confused what is game salad and game maker?!
(By the title i thought you were making a salad game lol)


A few years ago I tried using Game Salad (this was before I started using Hopscotch). I used it for a little while but I didn't do much with it.

Two summers ago I went to a camp where I learned Game Maker, and that was really fun. I made a pretty simple game kind of like flappy bird. After the camp I didn't do much with Game Maker.

I have found that Hopscotch has worked best for me. It is easy to use and it keeps me interested and wanting to learn more! :slight_smile:


Hey Madi, can you send me an email to my Hopscotch email?


At first I used the hour of code website, but the code available was too little.
Then I used scratch, and the graphics looked horrible (no offense)
Then I found Hopscotch, just by looking through the App Store and going to the kids 9-11 section.

Btw I was trying to make a game where you dodge the falling objects


This was very helpful. Thank you!


You have designed Hopscotch very beautifully, to make kids actually enticed. Thank you!


In the name of the Hopscotch team, thank you!


It is now one of the top coding apps in the nation.


ive used game maker once to impress an old friend of mine by making a really simple 'moving background'-type thing
havent used it since




I remember making this, haha. It's a moving background that I made in GameMaker, though it's not much at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I want to use unity, but I can't, so I'll use hopscotch.


Why can't you use Hopscotch? Is it a problem with the device or with Unity? Or is it that you just like Hopscotch more?


You need windows 7 for unity, and I have an Ipad.


1) What is your Hopscotch email?
2) What do you want me to email you about?


If you have Liza's email, then it's similar but just replace it with my name. I'm interested in your experience both in the Game Dev camp and with other video game engines.


I'll be sure to email you soon :slight_smile: