Game Requests! get your game



Does any one like game request?
Sure you would!


Could I have an infinite running game?


I don't have a game request but i wanted to say Hi.


Could I have an rpg plz!


I don't really know what a RPG is?
Could you tell me


RPG is a gun. Google it up


I'm doing game requests
Not gun requests


RPG is a bazooka like missile launcher that shoots smaller missiles
Or an RPG is a game that you explore around and meet people kinda like undertale or pòkemon if you know those


I'll try to do one


K thnx


Here's the link to your project


Cool! However, I think it's better when the character is stationary.


What's stationery?
I don't get it


@MobCraft means a running game where your character is in one place and you tap the screen to jump over obstacles moving towards your character, as an example


Though @MobCraft do u want to move around and jump?