Game not working in new update


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Hi @BlastFusion hmm that must be pretty frustrating.

I was going to ask you specifically what was going on. But I quickly went on the app to check it as well:

  • so it looks like the player appears to immediately be burnt after landing from a jump

It appears to me that the little full stops are colliding with the lava when the player lands :thinking: but I'm not sure. I wonder if we can isolate it more.


Is it to do with Repeat Forever and Check Once If blocks? @BlastFusion, did you use those blocks for detecting if the player lands on the platform?


I really don't know. I tried moving the "invisible line" (an orange line that goes across the screen and when you bump it you die) downwards, but nothing. I even tried moving the other platform up, nothing.

What I don't understand is if you jump on the platform you start on, you don't die?

Maybe in the new update two "not touching" detectors don't work?

And could THT go back to the previous version if hopscotch and insert that version of Minecraft parkour to the now one?

@Liza, @Awesomeonion, @Rodrigo, have you seen this?

Thanks @t1_hopscotch for making this topic.


Hmm yeah I was going to try moving either the lava down as well (moving the other platform up is a good idea too) but I didn't get to dive deep enough to try to look for where everything was. I hadn't thought about the platform that you start on. That is interesting. :thinking:

Maybe we could try making a separate project with 'not touching' code to try and isolate this. Was that what you used in your project?

(I know currently that when an object bumps an empty Text object, it triggers a Womp error, or stops your whole project. I think it's not the source of the problem here though, as in this case, it seems like the 'Burnt' game over text is appearing when it wasn't expected to, rather than the game stopping.)

Just from your other topic, to bring to this discussion:

Yeah you must have tried a lot of things now. That makes sense hmm :disappointed:


I sent this to THT:
This is what I was doing when the bug happened:
I heard a few rumours that my Minecraft parkour game isn't working in the new update, then after I updated the app, Minecraft parkour was screwed up.

[Tell us here what happened when you experienced the problem in as much detail as you can.
So, I'm really sick of coding at this point. I mean, there isn't a fault in my code.
What happened:
Just play and you'll see. When the player jumps on the platform they die. The dying process of the game works by the player bumping an orange line that is across the screen - this line is 98% invisible. (This line determines game over) But, when you bump this line, the game checks that you are NOT touching platform 6 (the one you jump onto) and also that you are NOT touching platform 7 (the one you start on) if the player bumps platform 6, the next level should activate.
If the player bumps the orange line and they are not touching platform 6 and 7 they die

When you jump onto platform 7 (just tap jump) (this is the one you start on), everything is fine. But when you jump onto/touch platform 6, you die.
How have I worked around this?
A. Tried moving the platforms up
B. Removed the orange line and observed what happened: when you jump onto the platform (6) (which then the game should activate the next level) NOTHING HAPPENS! You just stay there. This shows that bumps ISN'T WORKING!
C. Thus, since nothing happens, the bug must be that "collisions" don't work.

The last project I was playing was: Minecraft Parkour Game

If you want to make the bug happen again, try these steps:
Go back to the previous version of hopscotch.
Play Minecraft parkour and observe it. That is how it SHOULD be.
Update hopscotch to the current version.
Play Minecraft Parkour

The orange line: text 24
Core part (main part) of player: text 5
The platform you start on, and the one which is working well: platform 7
The platform of which bumps isn't working, and is faulty: Platform 6
Game over rectangle: the one at the top of the screen (middle) of the editor
The "not touching" systems are on text 5. Then, the actual "not touching" is a rule on all the game over components.

Here's a screenshot of the problem (if you have one):
Platform on the left is working. Jump up and down. Platform with the star above it isn't. Jump to it and see what happens.

In this photo, I removed the "98% invisible orange line" and the player just stayed there, instead of the next level being activated. And the score hasn't increased, therefore a problem with bumping.

When you bump the platform on the right WITH the 98% invisible orange line:

This SHOULD NOT be happening.

Collisions are not working ever since the update

By the way, was it you who put "THE DODGER" on featured @t1_hopscotch

I don't know why THT would be featuring project 5:30 in the morning.


Hmm, this is interesting because we didn't make any changes to the player with this new update. I'll try and look at it this weekend.


I spent hours trying to understand/fix this. No luck. Text5 just won't bump Platform6.

I even went so far as to create a new platform, confirmed text5 would bump the new platform, move all the events from Platform6 to the new platform, then go into the json data to change all references of the Platform6 object to the new platform instead. Uploaded and played the project... and text5 no longer bumps the new platform.


That is very unusual. I really don't get how an update to a navigation bar can damage something totally irrelevant.

@Awesomeonion this is happening with a few other Hopscotchers (I think)


It's not just because of the navigation bar. @awesomeonion I thought you guys were making some changes to the player?


In the first couple beta versions, the web player was changed (back to) the iOS player to improve performance

Projects will be versioned, so anything made with the web player will continue to use it. New projects will use the native player. We are working on incorporating some of the fixes we implemented in the web player to the native player. We hope this will provide a higher performance experience than what the app currently offers.

but ultimately they punted

We reverted to the Web Player all functionality you've had in the production app should be unchanged in Version 39

Additional information was offered but is still forthcoming

We'll post again later about the different issues we've seen with the two versions of the player. This is a thorny problem that is hard to get right!


Ah okay, thank you for explaining. There still must have been something changed (perhaps accidentally), because this new update seems to be sprouting up a number of new bugs.


Are you sure you changed the platforms in all the bump rules? Because some rules may still have a platform 6.

(If you don't understand me, here is an example:
When you jump on platform 6 the score increases by one. Have you gone into the scoring text and changed platform 6 to the new platform in the bumps rule?)


Yep, I'm sure. I didn't do using the Hopscotch app. I used a json viewer/editor to find the associated object IDs, then did a search and replace text in the json file coupled with deleting the keys & array values necessary to remove the original platform.