Game making Tips and Tricks



I am going to start making a game. I am new to this and was wodering if anyone had any Tips about making a game a coding help. Here is one thing that I really need help with. How to drag on item to another.


Go to the code of the item and say:
When character is tapped
Set position to last touch X and last touch Y
(In my head this should work, but I'll look it up for you)


Ok thank you this will help out a lot.


The set position block has to be in a repeat forever block, and the last touch X and Y are found in the iPad Values. Then it works.


Some tips I would give are:

Write respectfull values, so they correspond to what they hold.
First, try all the blocks and be sure you don't confuse their functions
Watchs utprials about hopscotch, you see how people think when they code.


Do need help with other things? What's your game about?


A cookie maker and Attlee of cookies to have you make.