game locked in cloud


Why do some of my students’ projects get saved to the cloud, and it becomes unavailable to them to edit?


IT shouldn’t be unavailable to edit. Are they offline or something? What happens when they try to open the drafts?


Are they signed in? Or are you using hour of code accounts?
Hour of code accounts are temporary, so I think you will lose drsfts.

You still get the hour of code videos with education or normal (free) accounts, although you will need an email fkr each student for normal ones. Not sure about education because my school doesn’t use Hopscotch


Welcome @jgardner!

If some projects get saved to the cloud, you may just have to redownload them by tapping the thumbnail of the project (it’d have a cloud icon on it).

If they have the latest Hopscotch update, this issue should be irrelevant as The Hopscotch Team recently released an update solving this issue:

An even more recent update was released about 2-3 days ago as well.

As @memorablechickenyay suggested, if they have “Hour of Code” accounts, their projects may not be saved.

Try some of these and if nothing works, try to send a bug report:

Your username:

What kind of device are you using?:

1 sentence description of the problem: My students’ projects were saved to the cloud and they are now locked out of them.

Steps to make the problem happen:

I expected this to happen:

But instead this happened:

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

After filling out the form, either email The Hopscotch Team on:, or alternatively, tag the moderators (Liza, Rodrigo etc.) by typing the @ symbol in front of their or, if you like, my name.

Example: @Jojo < See how my name changed colour?

I hope I was able to help and I’m glad to hear of more friendly Hopscotch users and students who are using the app.


@Jojo is right! If you do have the latest, most recent Hopscotch update, your drafts should be working!


You don’t need emails. I have 20 accounts and only one has an email linked.


@jgardner, I would follow @jojo ‘s advice and make sure they all have their apps updated. If they do, then email the hopscotch team or fill out the bug form that’s shown above.


Hello @jgardner! I don’t usually upload my games in the cloud, but if you tell the name of the affected accounts to The Hopscotch Team, they should be able to help you. Samantha is on here pretty often, so I’ll notify her and another member of The Hopscotch Team about this: @awesomeonion @Liza. You could also try to email Hopscotch at


oh yeah i forgot about that update

idk abt edu tho